The Media have lost the plot

If we didn?t know it before, then we are in no doubt now ? the media, particularly the news section of the media, are a heavily politicised bunch. They lean so far to the left they must have trouble standing up straight. ‘Fake news’ is now a much-used but not unfair assessment of most of what is printed and served up as the truth.

It is often the case that if we as readers do the job of the so-called reporter who wrote the story and do some research, we find not only the other side of the subject matter but in many cases also an objectionable level of bias.

This particularly applies to overseas material which is simply served up as received. If you take A Newspaper as an example of the Media, most of the overseas stories are sourced from news organisations with a left wing agenda. This is evident by the number of stories relating to Donald Trump. I would guess that eight or nine out of every ten stories would be negative towards him.

The irony here is that Trump is showing the sort of leadership, particularly in the economic area, that is so sadly lacking in this country. It is illuminating to compare the media coverage of Jacinda Ardern and Donald Trump. If you believed our domestic media you would be excused for thinking Jacinda is the best thing since sliced bread and Trump is at best half-baked.

The reality, in terms of performance, is most definitely the other way around and not just in terms of running the economy. While we risk being put on a path where freedom of speech is very much in danger, Trump has just signed an executive order whereby any university that denies free speech will not receive government funding. This is what TRUE LEADERSHIP looks like.

A Newspaper?s idea of true leadership, according to one of their editorials, was Jacinda?s response to Trump when he asked if there was any help America could provide. Her reply ? ?Love all Muslims?. Wow! Read between the lines! Never miss an opportunity to score a cheap political point, regardless of the timing. If that is true leadership then I beg to differ. This is not one of your school playgrounds you so often visit Cindy.

Jacinda did show true leadership for a couple of days in the aftermath of Christchurch, but then she lost the plot. Not according to our media. The longer the reaction to this horrific event was dragged out by dress-ups and similar virtue-signalling, the more they were like bees around a honeypot; and that was not only Jacinda. She invited anyone and everyone to join in.

What an invitation that was to those who live off publicity and photo opportunities! Out they came, completely inappropriately dressed, with the so-called symbolism on their empty heads, but symbolism wasn?t the point, was it? And as sure as night follows day, the media published their photos. All they achieved was to show that they were total hypocrites and how silly Jacinda’s idea was. But yet again, on the Sunday night news, there she was. I wonder how many more virtue-signalling outfits we taxpayers will have to pay for.

In their overall coverage of the tragedy the media were, like Jacinda, very good in the first couple of days, but then, no doubt taking their cue from their Princess, they also lost the plot. It is possible to argue how much coverage an atrocity such as this deserves, but the media need to also take into account how much people (especially those grieving) can handle or indeed want.

It is now getting to the point where we are being obliged to keep the grief and guilt process going until our Dear Leader tells us we can stop. We all grieve in our own way, but parading a woman, PM though she may be, nightly on our TV screens, wandering about trying to resemble a person of a certain faith, achieves nothing. It is frankly unedifying. As for guilt, I refuse to feel guilty on behalf of the perpetrator. The media are now guilty ? guilty of covering this to the point where most people have had enough.

The left-leaning media in this country are, like their left counterparts around the world, pushing the dangerous global agenda of the United Nations. They have, for now, their Princess who is totally on board and therefore in complete agreement with the UN. We can expect a lot more family and baby photo-ops plus stories of wood pigeons pooing on the child. Our compliant media seem to have forgotten that what this country needs is top class investigative journalism on the hard issues of the day and I don?t mean the bile that spews forth from their commentators and journalists. If that?s the advertisement, my advice is: don?t buy the product.