The political manipulation of our children

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I like to keep abreast of the US news for two reasons. Firstly because I lived there for several years and secondly because I?m a Trump supporter. Therefore, this headline caught my eye. quote.

Parents sue Portland Public Schools claiming gun control rallies ?indoctrinated students’.

[?] Four pro-2nd Amendment parents are suing Portland Public Schools (PPS) over gun control rallies. Their lawyer, Multnomah County GOP chair James Buchal, says the district violated parents’ and students’ First Amendment rights by promoting gun control following last year’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida. ?It?s wrong for the schools to essentially hijack public resources to push one side of a controversial issue and to misuse children as puppets in their exercise,” said Buchal [?] end quote.

This was starting to sound familiar. It was only last week that school children in New Zealand took time off school to protest about climate change. While some schools discouraged it, others supported them to do this as did several members of parliament. quote.

[?] Buchall also said PPS used district resources to coordinate with outside activists, helped plan political activity, including walkouts, and claims the schools “indoctrinated” students in the classroom. “It?s a giant scheme of manipulation and it?s not what people want their education dollars spent on,” said Buchal [?] end quote.

I wonder what would happen if some New Zealand parents tried to sue a local school for indoctrinating children about global warming and encouraging them to attend the recent protest or to support the ban on plastic bags. Could the schools show enough evidence for climate change being real to fight the case or would they simply refer to the same old so-called experts to spout platitudes? Unfortunately, I?m not likely to find out as it would take time and resources which most parents won’t have to spare to take such action . quote.

[?] ?We think this lawsuit is baseless?, said Harry Esteve, the spokesperson for Portland Public Schools [?] end quote.

Of course, he would think that. In the mean time… quote.

[?] There’s another student-led walkout planned for Friday, but is instead focused on climate change [?] end quote.


I?m not sure what would happen regarding a climate change lawsuit in New Zealand. But knowing our prime minister and her love for visiting schools, I would expect to see groups of children out collecting signatures for a petition, writing letters, protesting about gun ownership, and demanding gun control should politicians delay change in any way.? All this would be encouraged by their socialist-minded teachers and by some of the parents. All we will have done is swap the order of student protest topics with Portland Public Schools. Yes, using children is a giant scheme of political manipulation.