The real story here is foreign meddling in Australian politics

Caption: Pauline Hanson with dog food salesman turned Al Jazeera operative, Rodger Muller.

I must first start this column with something of an apology to One Nation. In yesterday?s post, I bought, hook, line and sinker, the claim that One Nation?s Ashby and Dickson had solicited donations from America?s National Rifle Association. Closer watching of the heavily-edited footage shows that that simply isn?t true. Ashby and Dickson were, by their own admission, ?on the sauce? and big-talking, but they never asked the NRA for money.

I did point out in yesterday?s post that there is something deeply disturbing ? unethical, and possibly illegal ? about the actions of Al Jazeera. Andrew Bolt agrees ? and exposes the Qatari propaganda network?s deceitfulness. Quote:

The more I think about this One Nation scandal, the more some things don’t add up ? especially about the people who stitch up One Nation.

[They] were not filmed asking America’s National Rifle Association for donations, and no, they promised nobody at all that they’d try to weaken Australia’s gun laws. That film?does not show any such thing, despite what you have been told, and despite how the film was edited to make you think that.

?Neither Ashby nor Dickson were filmed asking for donations during their meeting with the NRA. They just talked campaigning techniques. The only time Dickson was filmed asking for money was during a meeting with representatives of the billionaire Koch brothers, who don’t actually fund gun lobbies?there, the talk wasn’t about guns, but global warming.

So, One Nation was not filmed doing anything illegal, and certainly not filmed asking for money to weaken our gun laws. End of quote.

The biggest scandal here, which the Australian media-political class are almost universally ignoring in their eagerness to take down a political enemy, is that a foreign government-owned media company, frequently dubbed an anti-Semitic propaganda network, expended unprecedented time, effort and money in order to interfere in Australia?s democracy.

Make no mistake, the scale of Al Jazeera?s secret operation is staggering: they hired lawyers in multiple countries to set up a fake pro-gun lobby group in Australia, paid a dog food salesman to be their front man, and another person to run a fake website and produce fake videos. The dog food salesman was lavished with overseas travel, flown around the world to be trained in surveillance techniques and firearms training, and flown to multiple events to fish for information.

And a fishing expedition it was: by their own admission, Al Jazeera were fishing for links between the NRA and organisations in Australia. But for all their time and effort, they found nothing. So they set about creating them. It was the Al Jazeera fake lobby group themselves who arranged the meeting between One Nation and the NRA ? where nothing much happened, apart from some drunken boasting.

In all this time, the only group actually trying to weaken Australia?s gun laws was Al Jazeera itself.Quote:

Al Jazeera claims this whole exercise was about tackling our guns, but for the last three years or more, it’s been paying someone to actually promote that culture ? and to promote it when the people its agents actually met here don’t actually want weaker gun laws. Not even One Nation want weaker gun laws.

Now, I have to ask, isn’t this trying to manufacture news, not simply report it?

?There is not a single media organisation in this country that would pay two people, for three years, to pretend to be what they weren’t, just on the off-chance that they might get the kind of film you’ve just seen ? which is a nothingburger in the first place.

After nearly four years of trying, that’s all that Al Jazeera has got? For all its money, and its lies, and its lobbying and its secret snooping? End of quote.

The story today has pivoted to Hanson allegedly talking Port Arthur massacre conspiracies. But as with the earlier claims, the footage is so heavily edited that it is impossible to discern, out of context, what Hanson was really trying to argue. Hanson has rightly demanded that Al Jazeera release all the unedited footage. Until they do so, their claims must be regarded as just more fake news. quote

That stinks. And I have to ask: is there perhaps another agenda here? END QUOTE

Andrew Bolt

The matter has also been referred to ASIO. It seems all-too likely that this story will end up like the ?Russiagate? hysteria that gripped the media for the past two years.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera have released another explosive expos?.