The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

There was a veritable smorgasbord at the carvery this week: Pork Barrel roast was being carved right NEXT to strutting peacock and just along from lamb to the slaughter.

But there was something else that would certainly not gain ‘dish of the day’ status. It was variously described as very thick, extremely dense and, apparently, desperately short on grey matter. It appears that it is very hard to locate live examples where the brain to mouth ratio is smaller.

Having transcribed one or two interviews myself, it is amazing how Suze can accurately report the inane ramblings of some of our politicians. Typically, when transcribing, there is a flow of thought and logic and after listening to a passage it is relatively simple to type it out. However, when transcribing certain members of the house it is necessary to go back over a passage again and again to get the exact inanities accurate.

I presume Whaleoil management is picking up the rather hefty bill for the counselling that Suze now requires after listening to these politicians over and over.

First we heard the raw recording:

Chief word-reclaimer and co-‘leader’ of the Gunts, Ms Davidson was rabbiting on about landlords owning “hundreds of houses”. Bobba Fret picked up on this: Quote.

Typical envy politics. Drag down the people who have been prudent and saved for their future, and give to those who can’t be bothered. Rather than try to lift the lower income people?easier to “re-distribute fairly” or steal from the sensible “rich”. End quote.

As did another Bob, Bob Roberts:Quote.

Maybe the person with lots of houses earnt them by hard work, and the tax that person pays covers the cost of welfare to support the homeless, and also creates jobs for people to maintain the houses, so if that homeless person should want to work again, he would have a job. End quote.

spanishbride took up the refrain: Quote.

It’s not right she says for people to own twenty homes while others are struggling? Of course she is fine with the state owning thousands of homes. Private landlords owning multiple homes to provide housing are evil rick pricks but the State doing the same job?well that’s totally fine. What about all those working class and middle class people who can’t afford to buy in places like Auckland and want to rent a non state home from a private landlord in a nice suburb? Where will they all live when this government is finishing kicking private landlords in the guts? End quote.

And Sally froze the conversation with this downer: Quote.

Please don’t be too harsh on Marama Davidson she heading towards being a cabinet minister in the next Labour/Green government.
Scary thought isn’t it. Come on Bridges you should be attacking this rambling by Marama Davidson. ACT have challenged her over her statement on an unregulated housing market you should be doing this to. End quote.

The following day, Suze had worked her magic and we could read the transcript in all its glory.

Moj Kljuc kicked of with: Quote.

I’m not sure what is more scary?Marama’s lack of intellect ? or the fact that there are green supporters who don’t realise this. End quote.

Christie pointed out that it was much worse to read than listen: Quote.

Gosh, the interview is even worse when you read it, rather than just listen to it. Obviously, I only picked up about half of her stupidity the first time around. End quote.

Taxpayer accurately summed up the mood around the table: Quote.

Thick as two short planks. Only just managed to avoid using foul language, for once.
If she were able to strip the 1% of all their wealth and give it all to the poor and the bene bludgers what would it achieve? A few months of massive drunken parties, a short upsurge in meth related crime, then when the free money runs out it’s back to business as usual in lazy dropkick land.
What a moron. End quote.

As we packed up the plates and headed for the kitchen, Jeff reminded us of something we would rather was not true: Quote.

Quote from Napoleon Bonaparte on politicians: Stupidity is not a handicap in politics. End quote.