The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Capital Gains Tax and KiwiBuild simply provided far too much material this week as Christie continued her assault on the weapon’s grade stupidity emanating from the Coalition of Losers that occupy the seats of power in parliament at present.

The Oilers continued the well deserved roasting of all those involved, be it Cullen, Ardern, Robertson, Twyford or any of the others who kept trotting out the “it is all about fairness” mantra without having a clue about running a business or making your own way in the world to provide for your future without government assistance.

So let’s hand the roasting pan over to ExPFC to see what he served up this week.

ExPFC (which, by the way, is not short for Extremely Politically Flipp’n Correct) reminded us of Ardern’s statement that she had been very open about the fact that she was on a language journey. And her hope that by being open about that perhaps she’ll create a space for others to be comfortable about learning in a very public way

ExPFC wondered where she was off to on her language journey; to which we could add, “Is she taking Clarke and Neve with her?” and say, “Bon voyage – don’t hurry back!”

Pak picked up on her journey: Quote.

She’s on a “language journey”? Barely back from Davos. Wants to be creating spaces as well? When the hell is she going to spend some time just focussing on being P.M.? You know Jacinda, actually attending to Affairs of State not all this airy fairy stuff. And best too that you brush up on your English before tackling this mardi thing. End quote.

Holdonamo thought there was a better priority for her attention: Quote.

Whilst our very own self-anointed Kiwi Princess is at it… 
Then maybe she should now also personally attend correct English pronunciation classes, so as she herself can stop repeatedly bastardizing and desecrating the entire English language with her own ill-educated dysfunctional mispronunciations.
That would indeed be posidivity useful and beneficial.
Wouldn’t make what she spuriously spouts, any more intelligent or accurate… 
but at least it would then be pronounced correctly, so as to stop continually offending the culture & history of all of us actual English speakers. End quote.

Similar thoughts on more useful options were proffered by KatB: Quote.

And meanwhile when we think our children are being taught to read, write, spell and speak English, the reading material they’re given is littered with Maori words. I doubt that when you go to a German language class, they litter their reading materials with Japanese words, so why do we do put Maori words into our English reading literature? Especially as Maori words are sounded out differently to English and have different vowel sounds. If they’re going to teach our children Maori, then do it and do it well and not at the expense of English, but this frittering round on the edges pretending to be doing something is not teaching them Maori and it’s to the detriment of their English lessons too.
End quote.

William Felt chimed in with something many of us agree with: Quote.

Dear Cindy. Just please try to speak English to a professional standard first, then aspire to other things for yourself and leave us to make our own decisions in life! End quote.

Wibble summed it up in a typical Wibble way with: Quote.

Yet another of Cindy’s unmeasurable “aspirational targets”. There is more than one definition of the word aspirational though, and I think she must be using the word in the medical sense:

“aspirational” (medical): “relating to the act of ejecting or removing bodily fluids”.

When you look at it that way, most of her targets are indeed aspirational.

End quote.