The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

This week there was enough Sunday Roast fodder to feed all the attendees at the West Coast Wild Foods Festival. What with the Greens riding to the rescue of NZ First; Mallard running interference for Ardern in the House; Robertson failing simple maths; Ardern not knowing what taxes were in the TWG report; various Labour bods parroting their latest catchphrase, “not in the way the member has characterised it”; Golly G hugging the bumbling jihadi; and so forth.

Then from left field (pardon the pun) the Warehouse group chief marketing officer Jonathan Waecker said “we’re inspired by the Schools 4 Climate Action next Friday, and we’d love it if students took advantage of our free printing service.”

Thus encouraging students all around New Zealand to become truants and illegally miss school in order to protest climate change; something that is so oxymoronic that it is not funny. The climate has always changed and is going to keep on changing regardless of the number of truant children waving free Warehouse Stationery placards.

Unsurprisingly, Christie got out her carving knife, honed the edge and started slicing:

Jdogg hash tagged #getwokegobroke – but are Kiwis too apathetic to actually achieve much with this? Quote.

I thought endless printing on paper was frowned upon, not very saving the planet like. I hope it is recyclable paper with organic inks? End quote.

MacDoctor thought there might be some mileage in a protest: Quote.

Hmm. Bet they won’t think this is such a good idea when the parents who think this protest is a terrible idea (the vast majority) decide to boycott TWS. End quote.

And ExPFC had an idea to flip it all around: Quote.

Even though this is all just virtue signaling nonsense, Warehouse Stationery, in their advertising for this, have stated that their offer is for everyone incl businesses wanting to advertise etc. They reserve the right to not print what they deem to be offensive however. So the challenge for us all is to pop down there with your non offensive signwriting needs, such as Whaleoil, whalemeat, ‘Jordan Peterson is awesome’ , ‘let’s tax this’ placards etc. Have your phone ready to record their refusals. End quote.

Dave of the West Bank opined that: Quote.

Warehouse Stationary are fortunate that I don’t buy large quantities of their product, as, if I were, I wouldn’t be buying it off them!

I see it as criminal behaviour on the part of WS and the teaching fraternity [now there’s a conundrum – what PC word do you use for ‘fraternity’?] supporting or teaching kids to be activists when they aren’t educated enough to recognise even a fraction of the issues they’re protesting about. End quote.

Alex was wondering about the current Warehouse Stationery hypocrisy meter reading: Quote.

I used to buy printer cartridges from WS when they had their 40% off 2nd (identical) ones. I then discovered that the manufacturer will courier free a set of all colours for less. WS must gamble that these kids will come back as adult customers. but nothing is guaranteed. Looking at the number of products in the shop packaged in plastic their ‘virtuousness’ can only be described as hypocritical. End quote.

balsapilot took issue with the Warehouse Stationery carbon neutral claim. Quote

If they were truly carbon neutral their shelves would be empty. Goodbye everything with plastic content and no reams of paper available either due to the coal burnt to heat the paper mill boilers. End quote.

As did Foxy Lab: Quote.

I doubt warehouse stationary are carbon neutral, they must use trucks for delivery, most of their products are made of plastic, they laminate huge volumes?., End quote.

They forgot to note that paper is basically dried and flattened mushed up wood and wood is on average 50% carbon. A stationery shop getting rid of carbon would be an own goal.

Wibble was on to it in typical Wibble fashion: Quote.

Maybe I should go along to our local Warehouse Stationery and get the kids to play some fun games like, oh I know, going around the store and noting down anything that is made of plastic, or has oils or paints in it, or that is made from trees. And then I can help them to turn the results into cool protest banners against Warehouse Stationery!! That will be fun. “Over this way kids for a neat Game that will save the planet”!! End quote.

And a little something to ‘enjoy’ with your after dinner port …