The sweet, sweet taste of religion-free chocolate

The search for a New Zealand made chocolate maker that doesn’t pay the halal tax to fund the spread of Islam worldwide is a difficult one. Until recently the only chocolate that was free of the taint of Islamic ideology was the Swiss chocolate maker Lindt. Remember Lindt? It was no coincidence that it was Lindt cafe that was the location of the first Islamic terror attack in Australia.

Now thanks to a crowd-funded effort, New Zealanders can choose to support a New Zealand made chocolate whose maker does not pay the Sharia-mandated halal tax to fund Islamic dawah.

Whaleoil reader Carl brought the chocolate maker OCHO to our attention recently when he commented quote.

For any one who cares I asked the new crowd funded company chocolate company in Dunedin “OCHO” if they were Halal certified. They replied with ” No we are not does that make a difference”? I said “Thank you. Yes it does as I will be giving your Chocolate a try as you are a NZ company and will look to support you after hearing that” end quote.

Ocho is a choclate factory based in Dunedin that opened almost a year after Cadbury closed its factory there at the expense of 350 jobs. quote.

After news that Cadbury owner Mondelez was going to shut its iconic Dunedin factory, it took less than 48 hours for Ocho chocolate to raise?$2 million?from investors?through crowd-funding platform PledgeMe.
The company has since refurbished an old factory, and ex-Cadbury workers were among the first to take a?tour.?

[…] Ocho is not trying to compete with the bigger brands, says founder Liz Rowe.

“We’re still a small, boutique craft maker. Our focus is on making a premium quality chocolate.” end of quote


(Purely in the interest of science you understand) I am willing to provide a Whaleoil review of Ocho chocolate should the makers be interested in sending me some.