The ‘Worker’s Friends’ are really the bosses’ lickspittles

Caption: Nothing says “Man of the People” like hobnobbing with slebs and billionaires at Australia’s most exclusive party.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spent last year?s Melbourne Cup Day at the Tamworth races in northern NSW. Bill Shorten, on the other hand, joined his wealthy trophy wife to quaff champagne with the mega-rich in ?The Birdcage?, the most exclusive party in town.

The leader of the ?worker?s party? sure does like to spend a lot of time licking the bosses? boots. Quote:

Just over six weeks from the federal election, Shorten last night entered the billionaire Pratt family?s historic mansion Raheen via the secret stable doors, a laneway entrance normally reserved for deliveries.

For Shorten, it was a return to the Melbourne home of the billionaire family?s matriarch Jeanne Pratt, her son Anthony Pratt and his partner Claudine, after a long absence.

The politician was previously a frequent guest via his first marriage to Debbie Beale, who was like a goddaughter to Jeanne and her late husband Richard Pratt. End of quote.

Dumping someone?s ? goddaughter? for an even wealthier trophy wife no doubt puts a dampener on any friendship. At least until it becomes politically expedient to go crawling back. Quote:

But last night Shorten was back in the Pratt fold, with the doors to their Kew home Raheen thrown open for a left-of-centre political fundraiser featuring a powerful clutch of Melbourne business types?

While their leader didn?t want to be photographed?almost Treasurer Chris Bowen, who has become quite chummy with Anthony Pratt of late, had slipped inside much earlier?Former Victorian premier and industry super fund CBUS chair Steve Bracks came in a heavily tinted car with driver. End of quote.

Labor seem almost ashamed to be seen with their wealthy new chums. Or, more likely, their overlords don?t want a bunch of Labor oiks to forget their place. Quote:

Their Labor colleague Clare O?Neil had a bumpier entree. The shadow minister for financial services?and her VW family wagon were turned back at the Pratt?s threshold and directed to a car park on the street. End of quote.

Shifty has a history of toadying to the bosses for favours. As a union boss, Shorten brokered a deal that actually undercut workers? wages to the tune of about $80 000 apiece. In return, the bosses bankrolled his fledgling political career.

Labor may talk the big talk about being ?the worker?s friends? and ?standing up to the big end of town?, but the truth is that they?re a party of crawling lickspittles who are happy to shaft working Australians whenever it suits them.

Caption: Not so many multimillionaires at ScoMo’s Melbourne Cup Day.