These claims don’t pass the sniff test

Vernon Tava. Photo credit: Newshub

Vernon Tava is setting up a new political party – the Sustainable NZ party. He says that his goal is to always be in government no matter which of the main parties is leading the coalition. However he has made some claims that simply do not pass the sniff test.

His first claim is that his party is an independent one. quote.

It’s an independent party – that’s the point and it has to be. It’s very important to me that that’s what it is. So really, the point is that people have a party they can vote for that can always be in Government.” end quote.

Tava’s history is that he previously unsuccessfully challenged the Green party leadership and stood to be a candidate for National. quote.

Mr Tava says he’ll be happy to work with both sides – and rejects suggestions it’s a “blue-green” party which would be happier to work with National.
“I don’t know about blue-green. It’s a party that is neither left nor right – it could work with Labour or National or anyone else who’s in a position to form a Government.”

Asked who he’d side with right now, based on their current policies, Mr Tava declined to answer. end quote.


Tava’s second claim is that he is yet to have discussions with either Labour or National about possible Epsom-style arrangements but our sources tell us that Simon Bridges called Murray McCully who is working behind the scenes and said he would offer a seat to the Sustainable NZ party. He has subsequently said to MPs in a social setting that, if the new party gets past 2%, he?ll ?throw them a seat?

Meanwhile, Vernon Tava has said to his friends that he doesn?t really want to enter into a deal with Bridges because there is no guarantee that Bridges will still be National’s leader by the time the election comes around.

Nanogirl, Dr Michelle Dickinson

The new party is currently trying to get Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl) as a candidate. Murray McCully is talking to her husband, Joe Davis, who used to be on McCully?s committee.

Joe Davis is the man who helped create Auckland Future with the intent to overtake the old C & R (Communities and Residents). He was also involved in Vic Crone?s failed bid to become Auckland’s Mayor.

The Sustainable NZ Party may be prepared to work with either Labour or National in order to become part of the government, but it is at heart a Blue-Green party creation that is designed to provide a coalition party for National.