They neutered the Footy Show & everyone stopped watching

Caption: I think Sam Newman speaks for everyone.

The Australian Football League has long ago surrendered to the Long March through the institutions. What was once purely about rough men kicking a ball and thumping the crap out of each other has been turned into yet another vehicle for progressive social engineering. Indigenous Round, Pride Match, if there’s a progressive virtue, the new-look woke AFL signals it. It was only a matter of time before The Footy Show was likewise gelded.

But the adage get woke, go broke is being proved yet again. Quote:

The AFL Footy Show has shed half its Melbourne audience in a week, with one media analyst describing the ratings drop as “a worry”, given the Victorian audience should be the show’s backbone. End of quote.

I have to admit that I never really watched The Footy Show, but a great many people did. Clearly, it’s irreverent, blokey style of utter political incorrectness had tremendous appeal. Not least to women: in my former life as a regular commuter in Melbourne, on mornings after The Footy Show, the conversations on the train would be endlessly dissecting last night’s show. Most common were phrases like, Did you see what Sam did last night? or Omigod, Sammy said!

Sam Newman was the heart of The Footy Show and what progressives hated most about it. An unapologetic straight, white male, Newman cares nothing for the safe space? culture of the modern West. Blackface, cross-dressing, thumping a female mannequin if it was going to outrage anyone, he’d go there. Intentionally so: Newman has made clear that, on The Footy Show, he played the jester’s role of cocking a snook at authority. Quote:

Nine unveiled the show’s new-look panel last week, with an average 193,000 Melburnians tuning in to watch former radio personality Anthony “Lehmo” Lehmann and journalist Neroli Meadows take the reins alongside alongside Brendan Fevola and Dylan Alcott.

On Wednesday, that number dropped to an average 96,000 Melbourne viewers – an all-time low for the show. End of quote.

Caption: There’s still a couple of intersectional boxes to be ticked, it appears.

Pass me the popcorn. Quote:

Media analyst Chris Walton, from Nunn Media, said he couldn’t see how the Melbourne ratings could be “anything but a worry” at this point in time for Australia’s longest-running live footy entertainment show.

“If you’re launching what you’ve described as a new and revamped show at the start of the AFL season in Melbourne and your week two figures are [more than] 20 per cent lower than week one figures, that to me would be a big worry,” he said.

Fellow media analyst Steve Allen agreed, describing the ratings shift as a “dramatic” drop.

“Clearly people came and visited and they didn’t come back the second week,” he said. “That’s a danger sign. But it’s more about what happens in week three or four. You always have to watch what the competitors have done.” End of quote.

Of course, the progressive crowd will never admit that their strategy of neutering anything that offends them is simply a recipe for crap. They’ll almost certainly blame their imminent demise on the deplorables who were just too neanderthal to appreciate the virtue of their liberal bastardisation of a former crowd favourite.