Things that make me go hmm

The terrorist spent time in both Turkey and Pakistan. Why would a “white supremacist” travel to and spend time in Muslim countries?

The ABC reported that Turkey’s intelligence community became suspicious when it was revealed Tarrant had travelled to Turkey twice in 2016, visiting for a total 43 days. Turkish officials said Tarrant’s level of knowledge about the Ottoman Empire and the alphabets of the languages he used on his weapons was unusual.

Toygun Atilla, the terrorism and security correspondent for Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, told the ABC: “That kind of ordinary profile, who is not very well-educated and also not rich – this person can’t commit such a violent action on his own. Turkish intelligence thinks there is a well-resourced organisation behind this act.”


Who trained the Christchurch coward? Which organisation is behind the terror attack and what did they hope to gain from it?

The key question here is cui bono, who benefits from his murderous actions?