This is how it starts: Step one

The first step down the dark path has already started. In order to create a narrative that certain individuals and organisations are harmful, activists with anti-free speech agendas start creating and promoting lists of dissidents: those who they see as enemies of the state that they want eventually to silence.

Their naming and targeting of individuals and groups is designed to have a chilling effect. They are being allowed to get away with making all kinds of defamatory claims about Twitter accounts on Twitter. Under the Harmful digital communication Act one can only hope that they can be stopped.

You will not be at all surprised to learn that I personally and Whaleoil media have been added to a number of these lists including the list made by these fascists [email protected]BlocklistNZ

Whaleoil made their top five. Just look at who they are trying to smear as bad people along with us. They are trying to demonise a Conservative political party!

[email protected]BlocklistNZ claims to be anti-Fascist yet just like ANTIFA it is the very embodiment of fascism.

If you have been named and defamed, smeared and intimidated by this Vigilante, witch hunting Fascist group or by any other list-making bully on Social media, I encourage you to report them to Netsafe.

Below is what they have accused me of (with zero evidence of course).

I am in good company however as they have also blocked The New Zealand Free Speech coalition which they have described as…

Make a complaint to Netsafe
The HDCA empowers Netsafe to investigate alleged breaches of the 10 principles and help find a resolution. If the person making the complaint isn’t happy with the outcome, they can apply to the district court, eg for a takedown order, against the author or host of the allegedly harmful content.