This is not politics

By George

When a handful of deranged psychopaths plan and carry out a mass murder it has nothing to do with politics. These unhinged simpletons are not capitalists nor socialists, right wing nor left wing, they are executioners whose moment of glory could only be experienced through an act of incomprehensible evil.

The Nazi Hitler Youth Movement of the 1930s was designed to indoctrinate children aged 7 to 17. The following is an extract from Erin Blakemore?s ?How the Hitler youth turned a generation of kids into Nazis? (History Channel). quote

For the socialists, the group had other benefits. Not only did it allow their movement to indoctrinate children at their most impressionable, but it let the socialists remove them from the influence of their parents, many of whom opposed the status quo.

It became clear that the socialist?s real goal was to create more youngsters for the cause. Children who had been saturated in socialist ideology for years made obedient, fanatical supporters. Eventually, those supporters became younger and younger, some as young as 7. They were then sent off to march in the streets claiming the virtues of their indoctrinators. End quote

So one could argue that the children’s ?climate change strike? was the result of years of indoctrination by left wing fanatics who were inspired by the success of the Hitler youth movement. However, even the most ardent capitalists would struggle to find the link, even though the methodology is almost identical.

The point of raising this is that there are a number of political commentators and politicians, including our PM, who are at pains to label the killers as a ?right-wing? group at every opportunity. Even in the wake of this most tragic event there are those who see political capital. Shame on you. The left-wing socialists, who influenced the children’s climate change march, are no more Nazis than right-wing capitalists are Muslims’ assassins.

Sometimes events occur for no other reason than because those deranged psychopaths who live amongst us, act out their evil fantasies. It was often predicted that it was not if, but when. Yesterday was the when. Yesterday, humanity in New Zealand was tested. This is not politics. The pain and shame is shared amongst all New Zealanders. Let us mourn as one. Bless the sufferers.