This will not bring us together

Our prime minister, who claims to be a feminist, wears the symbol of subjugation in a situation where it is not necessary. She was not in a mosque, but she chose to do it anyway.

What message does that send to young New Zealand women, whom she is said to empower? Girls can do anything… but they must subjugate themselves to Muslim men?

In a Christian and secular country, New Zealanders were forced to listen to the Muslim Call to Prayer at 1.40 on the 22nd of March 2019.

People with conservative or ‘right wing’ views are being hunted down and silenced because someone, somewhere, doesn’t like them. These are not ‘white supremacists’. They are simply people with views that were perfectly acceptable even 10 years ago… but not any more.

And then there is this.

A bit like the food pyramid, it tells you how you are a white supremacist because you like racist jokes.

I like racist jokes.

An Englishman, A Scotsman and an Irishman walk into a pub and each order a pint. Upon getting their drinks they each notice they have a fly in their glass.

The Englishman says to the bartender “excuse me, mate, there’s a fly in this, can you pour me a new one, please?”

The Scotsman looks at his pint, picks the fly out, tosses it aside and starts drinking.

The Irishman picks the fly out by the wings, holds it above the glass and says “Go on! Spit it out ya wee bastard!”

(I think it should have been the Scotsman who said that, but there you go.)

Paddy went to the Doc?s today. and said ?do you treat alcoholics?, The Dr replied, ?of course we do????Paddy said ?great get your coat on, I?m feckin skint…

Every time there is an Islamist terror attack, we are told #notallmuslims. Actually, I wholeheartedly agree with that, because most Muslims are peaceful people who just want to get on with their lives, but why can we not say #notallwhitepeople when a nutcase of European descent goes on a rampage? According to the food pyramid for white supremacists, we can’t do that. White people are to blame. #allwhitepeople.

And now our gun laws have been changed, with no consultation with groups that are genuinely interested. A couple of petitions were presented to parliament by people who have absolutely no clue about these issues, but everyone with even half a brain knows that these changes will only impact law abiding gun users. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (let’s not make him special by not speaking his name, hey Jacinda?) had a Category A licence, purchased a gun and then modified it to Category E standard. In case you were in doubt, this was illegal, but he stayed within the law to obtain the weapons before they were modified, so we will all be safe now that unmodified assault weapons have been banned.

Get me a Tui. Quick.

The Christchurch shootings did bring us all together, in horror and grief, for a time. We were genuinely shocked that something like this could ever happen in our peaceful country, and no one – absolutely no one – supports the murderer. New Zealanders really are better than that, even if they do indulge in the occasional racist joke. Maybe we shouldn’t, but then we shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke dope either. And don’t tell me that other races don’t indulge in racist jokes… of course they do. It is only wrong if white people do it.

But in my circle of friends over the last few days… the successful Maori woman… the professional part Samoan woman… the Fijian Indian woman who is worried that her bearded son might be mistaken for a Muslim… the South African who has seen it all before… the Chinese professional who saw the video online and is shaken by it… and a few European New Zealanders who are shaken to the core by the horrific events of the past week… all are united in one thing. None of us are responsible for this. None of us have any reason to feel guilty about this. We feel sorrow, but not guilt.

And we also agree that the media is turning a tragedy into a circus. This will not bring New Zealand together. It is far more likely to drive us all apart.