Three globalists in a spot of bother

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

Theresa May, Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern are globalist leaders who still think they have the character of the three wise monkeys; but their actions prove otherwise.

All three supported the recent UN Global Compact on Migration to open their borders and let the great unwashed go country shopping, and all three are now under pressure from their constituents.

All three support the notions of climate change and the imposition of carbon taxes, despite scientists arguing about whether we can actually change the climate. All three support ‘diversity’ despite the fact that, in practice, it doesn’t work. Can you imagine a trannie and a devout Sharia-law enforcing Muslim living peacefully side by side?

Trudeau has veered furthest away from centre left and went on record in 2013 for supporting communist China?s regime and then in 2016 for commending Castro. Quote.

?There?s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, ?We need to go green ? we need to start investing in solar.??

In November 2016, Trudeau praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro upon his death as a ?remarkable leader? who ?served his people for almost half a century.? Try explaining that to the families of the tens of thousands of people arbitrarily arrested or murdered by the state in Cuba at the whim of Castro.? End of quote.

Calgary Herald

It was reported recently that Trudeau’s radical stance will cost him his leadership. Quote.

Justin Trudeau has been warned his days in office ?are numbered? after Canadians went to the polls in three by-elections.? End of quote.


Theresa May has been battling anarchy at home after decades of EU open-border policy attracted the very worst that Europe and Africa could throw at it.

The social and financial costs are crippling, so it?s no wonder a public referendum was overwhelmingly in favour of Britain leaving the EU.

May never wanted Brexit but she was forced to demonstrate to the public that she was at least attempting to make it happen. She was unsuccessful at both and, as a result, her leadership was challenged during a party showdown. Quote.

MPs present at the tense meeting of the Tory party said May told them that ?in my heart, I would like to fight the next general election? ? to make up for the Conservatives? poor performance in 2017 ? but signalled that she would step down before 2022.?

?She recognises a lot of people are not comfortable with her leading us into a future general election.? End of quote.

The Guardian

Trudeau will be pushed out of office and May has promised to jump. So what of our own little globalist? Despite media reporting to the contrary, does she recognize an international trend against globalism?

It didn?t help globalists when Donald Trump set a glaring example of the power of public groundswell when he was unexpectedly appointed as an advocate of nationalism.

Does our socialist prime minister recognize that the majority of New Zealanders still support capitalism over socialism?

Jacinda Ardern?s socialist roots first showed very early on when she forewarned what was to come by saying ?capitalism has failed New Zealand? and ?it?s been a dismal failure.? This is blatantly untrue. Without capitalism, socialism would have no money to spend.

We have a prime minister who is determined to fleece taxpayers and then spend the money unwisely. We pay for the first year of tertiary fees for all students, regardless of whether they need it. This financial incentive to attend university has more to do with increasing the influence of the academic left who control our universities, than helping kids from poor families to get educated and ahead in life.

Her socialist ideals closed charter schools, not because they were performing badly; on the contrary, measurement of Maori performance in charter schools outstrips performance by Maori in state schools; but charter schools defeat Ardern?s objective of state control of youth.

Her socialist ideals saw our oil and gas industry crushed under her heavily booted feet. ?No exploration licences for you dirty little capitalists? she effectively said. No jobs either, with the industry setback concentrated in Taranaki. No worries, she will get the tax income elsewhere. She promised a capital gains tax in her first term and is on track to make that happen to ensure government coffers are topped up.

Her socialist elitism is evident in the 130 working groups sent off at great expense to come back with ideas that support her own. Why bother? Working groups only confirm what we already guessed – the Coalition of losers is either not equipped or it is too lazy to do its own work. It?s only money after all, when you pay someone else to do your work for you. And there will be plenty more money; they will see to that.

But the more Ardern imposes her socialist policies on us the more she loses her hold on leadership. The more promises she makes but fails to keep and the more she talks about fairness but demonstrates unfairness, the weaker she becomes.

We are still a democracy and we still hold the power in the face of injustice. Roll on 2020.