Too late

By Owen Jennings

Perhaps the most critical difference between socialists and capitalists is that the former want to control people and outcomes, by force when required, while capitalists and conservatives are more inclined toward freedom and self government for individuals, letting markets determine where resources go.

Socialists subscribe to a grand plan. The elites among them, as opposed to the socialist plebs on the ground who simply want the government to control and pay for everything, have always aspired to an international agenda that they instigate and manage. It is a plan for a single governing body for the entire world. It arises from a utopian dream of peace and harmony between all peoples where national borders will disappear, where there will be a single currency and centralised ruling bodies that exercise control worldwide.

A single governing body for the world has been pursued for centuries but in the last few decades the pressure has built and the plan is being executed on multiple fronts. Here are a few.

  1. The global warming/climate change fiasco is a front driven by socialists to exercise control and distribute wealth from rich countries to developing nations. President Trump is providing some goal line resistance but the political battle has largely been won with even right-wing parties like our National party kowtowing.
  2. The classroom takeover is almost complete with education academics, teachers, education bureaucrats and even toothless parent boards fully signed up to a socialist agenda destroying initiative and achievement. Kids are dumbed down but are taught to stand for their ?rights? and espouse the new intolerant ?tolerance?.
  3. Mainstream media from the few remaining international barons to the local junior airheads calling themselves journalists are sold out to a left-wing mindset. Sensationalism sells. The truth is more mundane. Faux outrage, no matter how puerile and insignificant, gets headlines. Shallow and naive opinions replace reporting of facts because truth and substance underpin a civil society.
  4. The remaining values of the West mainly drawn from the Judeo-Christian faith are ridiculed or demolished by so-called liberal progressives. It matters not a whit to the elite that mental health issues abound, suicide increases, young people are rudderless, violence continues, the traditional family has been destroyed, relationships split as the foundations of a free and mature society have been deliberately undermined. The socialists see the tried and true values of the west as an obstacle to a Marxist world.
  5. The population reduction, weakening and control noose tightens with euthanasia, abortion on demand, post-birth killing, veganism, banning rough sports, and health and safety regulations. People are too insipid to fight back when the arrogant elite make their final moves.
  6. The horse has bolted on political correctness. We no longer, as a community, allow critical thinking or any slight suggestion that races of people may be different, or that there may only be just two genders, or that one culture may be superior to another, or that average IQ?s may vary between racial groups, or that a particular religion may be too violent, or much more. Taking offence and being outraged are the ploys of the perennially politically correct, for whom control of our speech is an important goal.
    Georg Lukacs in Hungary, a leading Marxist in the early 1900s and a huge influence on the left wing Frankfurt School, was dedicated to eliminating Western culture and all forms of Christianity, which he saw as the stumbling block to establishing socialism. He led the linking of Freud?s ideas on psychological conditioning to Marxist ideology and the repression of ?hate speech?, the advance of political correct initiatives like sex education, the promotion of transgenderism etc. Hollywood and the wider media have stoked these fires.
  7. Unrestrained immigration is high on the socialists? agenda. It?s potentially a great leveller and is capable of wrecking the successful Western democracies. Trump?s wall is such an anathema to the lefties. The New Zealand government has joined this attack on our sovereignty and any remaining national pride.
  8. The right to bear arms is slipping away not just in America under Democrat governance, but in many countries, regulations creep closer to complete bans. The last resistance to the elites’ control disappears as the wave keeps rolling on.
  9. The government controls half of all economic activity in New Zealand and it is set to grow its share this year in some big strides. More taxes, more controls, more state influence. The bigger the government, the smaller the opportunity for individuals.
  10. Social media might better be called ?socialist media? as it has given a voice and status to all manner of ratbags, Social media has supplied socialists with an invaluable asset: the building blocks of an alternative public sphere that sets narrow parameters for permissible political discourse, and ignores or vilifies those who step outside of them. Lefties have time to spend maximising their evil impact. A breeding ground for new kinds of political thinking, and new forms of political identity, that would be inadmissible in more established channels.
  11. A major victory for the left has been to replace justice with ?fairness?. Justice is about equal opportunity. Fairness is about equal outcomes. Fairness is lowest common denominator stuff, killing leadership, initiative, entrepreneurs and risk taking. Much of life?s enjoyment, satisfaction and achievements withers and dies. Dull sameness prevails. Think Mao?s uniforms, North Korean military parades, the Coalition?s labour laws, their education reforms.
  12. The loss of free speech is frightening. Universities have become vipers? nests of speech and thought control. Media outlets have sold out on the notion of freedom of speech. Try getting an article opposing climate change or genderism accepted.

Many of these socialist drives have a common underlying theme ? the death of truth and absolutes. Whether it’s rewriting our history, forecasting climate doom, reporting events, claiming ‘rights’, selling a housing policy, pimping the poor or attacking the wealthy, if the truth doesn?t matter, the great unwashed can be better managed by the elites in fulfilment of their grand socialist, single government plan.

The damage is done. The die is cast. The slippery slope has become an unstoppable, raging torrent. The occasional fingers in the dyke ? Trump et al – are unable to turn the tide.

To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas?

?Brock Adams, Director United Nations Health Organization.