Trade Me & Stuff appoint themselves moral arbiters

Credit: Alden Williams/STUFF

In the brave new world we find ourselves in since Friday 15th March, both Trade Me and Stuff have decided to become some sort of moral policemen, banning things they deem “insensitive” or “racist”.

Of course that is their prerogative, they are privately owned companies after all. But it does set them skidding on a slippery slope of moral judgement, and leaves them vulnerable to bullies. quote.

Media company Stuff “will not be taking any future gun advertising”, chief executive Sinead Boucher says.

Stuff newspapers including The Dominion Post and The Press, have frequently published advertisements for Gun City, which operates seven stores, including one which opened on the Hutt Rd in Wellington in 2013.

But Boucher said the company did not have any gun advertising campaigns booked at present. end of quote


So I have to ask, when the truck ploughed into crowds of people back on Bastille Day in 2016, killing 86 and injuring another 458, I wonder, did Stuff pull advertising for anyone selling trucks? Did Trade Me withdraw all sales of vehicles that could be driven into crowds as a weapon? quote.

Trade Me is halting the sale of semi-automatic weapons while it waits for more clarity from the Government in the aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attack.

As of Monday morning, the auction website continued to allow the sale of AR15 rifles despite social media calls from Kiwis for the company to block the weapons on its platform.

[?] Macdonald said Trade Me received a lot of feedback from the public over the weekend about this issue, with many people wanting a stop to the sale of firearms on the auction website.
“We’ve listened to these sentiments and we’ve put this ban in place while we await clear direction from the Government,” Macdonald said.
Trade Me’s earlier position was that trading between licensed owners via Trade Me in a safe, trusted, transparent and traceable environment was better for New Zealand than many of the alternatives, he said.
“But it is clear public sentiment has changed in relation to semi-automatic weapons and we acknowledge that, which is why we’re putting this ban in place.” end of quote


So even though he admits that trade of legal weapons in a safe and trusted environment was better for New Zealand, they thought it was better to listen to the bullies demanding that items be removed.

It hasn’t stopped at semi-automatic weapons. They have also removed a Confederate flag that was for sale. No I’m not kidding.

There is no direct connection whatsoever between the mosque shooter and the confederate flag. Presumably, Tina was either unaware of, or indifferent to its sale before now. But now, it’s a problem and it must go.

This is just getting ridiculous.