Trudeau goes into hiding as scandal engulfs his government

Caption: Neither praying nor those ridiculous disguises are going to help Trudeau now.

The Roman emperor Tiberius fled Rome?s deadly politics to live on a luxurious island retreat at Capri. Modern-day patrician Justin Trudeau is following suit. As scandal engulfs his government, the former drama teacher has fled to a remote Florida island. Quote:

The Canadian Prime Minister has been ensnared in a bitter political affair. He has been accused of putting pressure on the former attorney general and justice minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, in a case involving Canadian construction business SNC-Lavalin, in an apparent effort to protect jobs. But Mr Trudeau denies any wrongdoing. End of quote.

As I’ve already reported on Whaleoil, Trudeau?s government is spiralling into existential crisis following revelations that he and his government tried to bully his (now former) attorney-general into doing a favour for a political crony. Used to nothing so far but fawning adulation, it?s apparently all proving just too much for the left?s favourite son. Quote:

According to NBC 2, Mr Trudeau was seen relaxing with friends and family on the North Captiva Island.

He reportedly rented two homes for his followers.

The island is only accessible by charter boat, with the only legal motorised transport on land being a golf cart.

The broadcaster NBC 2 said: ?Canada?s Prime Minister, embroiled in a political scandal, is now escaping to Southwest Florida.?

Mr Trudeau is alleged to have demanded Ms Wilson-Raybould to drop criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin, which employs around 9,000 workers in Quebec?He and others are said to have pressured her to issue financial penalties which would mean SNC-Lavalin would not be hit with a decade-long ban on bidding for government business. End of quote.

Canada voted for a unicorn and instead got a marshmallow coated in fairy-floss. Quote:

Experts claim Mr Trudeau?s position is now in serious jeopardy.

Mr Trudeau was elected due to his progressive policies and vow to right the wrongs suffered by Canada?s native people, known as First Nations.

But recent polls suggest 59 percent of Canadians believe the crisis will impact the way in which they vote in this year?s election. End of quote.


Florida is only a short hop from Cuba. Perhaps Trudeau could claim asylum in Havana: after all, it?s just the sort of socialist paradise he yearns for and apparently he?s got family there already.