Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth

By George

?Southernsheepman’s? reportage of a Facebook comment by Allan Dick, regarding the financial state of Oamaru’s hospital, infuriated me. Apparently, a person by the name of David Holdsworth had objected to the Oamaru Hospital’s restructuring proposal and this was irritating Allan Dick.

He wrote on his post,

Today I have learnt that he is a contributor to the despised Whaleoil Beef Hook web site which means he is a alt-right thinker. He will play no more part in the discussion of the future of the Oamaru Hospital.

In 2014 Allan Dick confessed to voting Labour all his life except once for Social Credit. So that explains his political status.

There is nothing that threatens activists more than the truth. There have always been those who want to silence Whaleoil. The question I would ask is: why? The answer is, they are afraid. If their concerns are justified then why are we still functioning full steam ahead?

They read intelligent, insightful, and challenging commentary on this site. We leave room for humour and taking the mickey. Yes, we are generally politically right of centre, but that comes with the territory for those of us who are the shakers and movers of society, or to put it more bluntly, have the courage, intelligence, motivation and confidence to avoid relying on the state to provide for us.

We’re not parasites. We fund the socialist agenda and pay the salaries of that pathetically incompetent Coalition of Losers. There is not one of them that would survive in a competitive environment. Nor would they even be hired. They are the would-bes that could-bes, but they never will-be, because they are trapped in their socialist fantasy world.

Allan Dick is different; he is a self made man and a petrol head, so what went wrong? Why has he ventured into all the trappings of capitalism but became alt-left wing? Is there a flaw to his character? He has spent most of his working life working in, or being, the media. Whaleoil is currently in opposition to his own blog, so could that be why he despises us? Is that why he has now censored and suspended David Holdsworth from commenting on his platform?

Allan, if you read Whaleoil you would see how inaccurate your assessment is. David having commented on your blog, does that make him an alt-left thinker? Allan, you’re better than that.