Virtue-signalling flog joins the Greens. Big surprise

Caption: The lefty head-tilt to beat all lefty head-tilts.

What is it with Greens, ?human rights lawyers? and fakefugee-huggers that seems to make so many of them such vile people? As I?ve been reporting here at Whaleoil, the Australian Greens have become a cavalcade of sex pests, Stalinists and anti-Semites. New Zealand?s own Golly G is a one-woman advertisement for the hypocrisy of the ?human rights? brigade. The open borders, fakefugee brigade, such as the Australian doctor who claimed that Jews in Auschwitz had it better than the country-shopping refuse on Nauru and Manus, are a byword for self-righteous odiousness.

The Greens? latest celebrity candidate is off to a spectacular start: kicking off his campaign against a high-profile Jewish incumbent with yet more idiotic babblings about Nazis. Quote:

Josh Frydenberg has labelled his new Greens rival Julian Burnside?s comparisons between Australia?s offshore processing system and the Nazis ?totally abhorrent and inexcusable.?

Mr Frydenberg hit out at a recent tweet by Mr Burnside where the Greens candidate commented on Scott Morrison?s border policies and then attached a quote by Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering. End of quote.

Burnside is the virtue-signalling flog who wanted to use Tasmania as a dumping-ground for country-shopping illegals. Like their paragon, Kerryn Phelps, these wealthy hypocrites want to throw open our borders to the refuse of the third world, but won?t sully their ultra-white enclaves of Toorak or Double Bay with dirty, poor refugees.

Burnside?s policy acumen can be judged by how he scoffed that re-opening Australia?s borders would lead to a significant increase in illegal arrivals. Within a year, tens of thousands of phony asylum-seekers were flooding the border with daily boat arrivals. Quote:

?Well, he represents the Greens and as you say, they support death taxes, they want open drug policies and you could add to your list they also want to unravel the US-Australia ANZUS Alliance ? we?ve seen them call it dangerous and expensive ? not to mention scrapping Australia Day,? Mr Frydenberg said.

?I think any equation of what we?re doing to put in place strong borders, indeed that is respected around the world, which has worked, which has saved lives at sea, enabled us to remove all children from detention. They are policies that have worked.

?And to equate that with what happened with the Nazis and the Second World War is totally abhorrent and inexcusable.? End of quote.

It?s not his first offence. Quote:

The barrister ? who has represented the likes of Alan Bond and Rose Porteous ? was condemned by Jewish leaders last year when shared a photo on Twitter of Peter Dutton?s face superimposed on the uniform of an SS officer?

?I am sorry to have upset ?people who thought, mistakenly, that I was referring to the Holocaust in my retweet. I was not??just days before he announced he was running, Mr Burnside likened the government?s border protection policies to the tactics employed by Nazi Germany in a controversial tweet quoting Hermann Goering at Nuremberg in 1946. End of quote.


He?s a perfect fit for the nutbag anti-Semites in the Greens.