Vox Espa?a election ad: English subtitles

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Vox are a centre-right national conservative party in Spain. They were formed in 2013 as a breakaway group from Spain’s main centre-right party, the Partido Popular.

Their founder (and still their leader) is Santiago Abasacal (the man in this video). In Spain they are known as much for their opposition to third-wave modern feminism as for their opposition to immigration. Spain’s Gender Violence Law (which is very much weighted against men) is a big issue for them.

Vox are also fiercely opposed to the Catalan separatists and want a more centralised state. (One of Vox’s founding members, Jos? Antonio Ortega Lara, was once held hostage by ETA for 532 days btw). They are opposed to abortion and support bullfighting

[…] Last month Vox won their first seats in a regional parliament (Andalusia). They got 11% of the vote and 12 of the 109 seats. The Partido Popular (PP) and the centrist Ciudadanos (Cs) will form a government there, with support from Vox (who will not actually be part of the government).

PP met with and reached a deal with Vox, but Cs refused to do so. Vox are currently polling at about 10% nationally (fifth largest party). […]