Wake up, buckle up & pray

Imam Nizam ul haq Thanvi and Speaker Trevor Mallard Photo: Lynn Grieveson.

This week Jacinda Ardern?s government invited an Imam into parliament to lead the country in a prayer acknowledging Allah as the only God.

Where were the voices of our Christian leaders loudly denouncing this? There was one solitary voice. Quote.

?Today for at least a moment New Zealand will become an Islamic nation,? Mr Tamaki, who heads Destiny Church, says.

?It would be disingenuous for me as a Christian leader in this nation for near forty years to stay silent about what I believe is highly offensive to all Christians in this nation.? End of quote.


Ardern and New Zealand have been taken advantage of because of our heartfelt and genuine compassion for the Christchurch victims of a terrible, senseless tragedy. Muslim leaders around the world will be marvelling at just how easy it was to get a Christian and secular nation to state in parliament that there is no God but Allah.

Ardern has been played. She unwittingly grabbed a tiger by the tail and set us on a course that undermines our Christian heritage.

Our fall away from Christianity should not be surprising because it has been a trend. Quote.

Just over 150 years ago, to be a Kiwi it also meant to be a Christian. 
In New Zealand’s first ever census in 1853, a whopping 93 per cent of New Zealanders classified themselves as Christian.

In the last census in 2013, Kiwis affiliating themselves with Christianity had dropped to 48 per cent – a number slowly declining since the 1960s.  Then in November, Jesus was removed from Parliament’s karakia by Trevor Mallard.? End of quote.


We do not have to look back on this latest move away from Christianity with regret, wondering at our stupidity. We still have a choice.

For the sake of all New Zealanders and their children, Christians should wake up, buckle up and pray. Pray for wisdom for our nation, our leaders and each other.