Wanted: Witchfinders

The above photo is from a 1968 movie called Witchfinder General. It was a typical Hammer House of Horrors type of movie about witch hunts in the Middle Ages. Those of us who saw the movie, or similar movies, looked patronisingly on how stupid people were in medieval times to believe in witches and witchcraft. Some of the accused were healers, who had been unable to cure their patients. Some were targeted by people who didn’t like them and wanted them gone. One case I read about was a woman accused of witchcraft by a spurned lover.

So we watched the movie, or similar movies, and laughed at how such stupidity and ignorance could never happen now, in our times of education and enlightenment.

Do you still think that? quote.

A man who stood for the Conservative Party has lost his contract with the real estate company he works for because of content about Africans and Muslims he posted on Facebook.

Paul Davie and wife Kathryn Davie were real estate agents for Ray White in Auckland’s Blockhouse Bay.

On Thursday, the company confirmed it had terminated both of their contracts after Facebook posts on the pair’s personal profiles were flagged by a member of the public. end quote.

Just like dobbing in a witch… quote.

Both Paul and Kathryn Davie have since removed their Facebook profiles from public view, but screenshots provided to Stuff show Paul Davie posted anti-African material in August 2018 with the caption “this is politically unpalatable but it is supported by science”. end quote.

Someone went trawling… Stuff has decided not to publish the offending comments, so we have no idea if they were really offensive, but it seems unlikely. These people have enemies lurking in the shadows who have done this purely to bring them down… because they could.

Ray White’s response was the usual lily-livered platitudes. quote.

“While we are very accepting of different belief systems, we promote diversity and respect towards others above all else. Any member whose values are not aligned with ours is inherently not a suitable member of our group.” end quote.

But could there be another reason for hunting these people down? quote.

In the 2017 General Election, Paul Davie ran unsuccessfully with the Conservative Party in the New Lynn electorate, racking up just 297 votes.

He since created his own political party – One New Zealand Party – but talked openly about in-party disagreements in a February 2019 post on right-wing blog Right Minds NZ.

Stuff end quote.

So, the leader of One New Zealand Party has been brought down and burned at the stake. Don’t forget Macdoctor, whose comments on this blog have been sensible and level headed, but someone out there dislikes him enough to trawl through his comments from a couple of years ago (probably in response to a terrorist event somewhere) and have got him stood down, possibly fired.

We featured Macdoctor as Commenter of the Week last October, and here is one of his comments on the subject of immigration. I think you will agree that he is far from hateful, but rather thoughtful and believes we should follow due process, in immigration as in everything.

When haters abound, good people are shot down. Macdoctor is a victim of a personal vendetta, not a white supremacist.

This attitude is not a response to the Christchurch shootings. This is a deliberate attack on people with conservative views. Moderate people in high positions in society are being hunted down. People who share NOTHING with the “eco-fascist” who murdered 50 people in Christchurch are being targeted.

Most New Zealanders will not agree with these witch hunts, but most New Zealanders will also be too scared (or too stupid) to stop the rot before it is too late.

Are you scared yet?