We don’t pay our politicians enough!

Caption: A prospective political candidate sneers at your pay offer.

If you think the crop of numpties we?ve got running the political show at the moment are the scrapings of the bottom of a week-old nightsoil can, then you should be aware that it?s really all our own fault. We?re just too stingy to pay up and get really good politicians. Quote:

NSW Labor MPs will soon be able to eyeball the man who set about a change in superannuation for politicians that has been a key factor in the party being unable to attract a decent leader to state parliament. End of quote.

Of course! It?s got nothing to do with the infamous NSW Labor machine, or the well-greased path from Arts-Law degree to union office to Labor preselection. It’s all the fault of that mean ol’ Latham, who instituted one of the most popular policies an opposition leader has ever moved in parliament. Quote:

New upper house One Nation MP Mark Latham announced when he was federal Labor leader he wanted to see generous federal parliamentary superannuation entitlements axed.

This led to former Liberal prime minister John Howard and former Labor premier Bob Carr ?instituting the changes.

Current wounded ALP leader Michael Daley, having been elected in 2005 before the changes came into full effect in 2007, will qualify for the generous pension when he turns 55 in two years? time.

But anyone who entered parliament in 2011, 2015 or 2019 has not been entitled to any more than the 9 per cent-a-year superannuation the public receives. End of quote.

You?re not helping your own argument: Daley is widely regarded as a hopeless politician whose abysmal performance in the recent election campaign helped return the Berejiklian government to a historic third term. Is he really the best the old money could buy? Quote:

The political superannuation rule changes, it is universally ?believed, have led to fewer ?talented people entering parliament because those who can earn more in the private sector have eschewed public life.

It is said this phenomenon particularly plays out for Labor MPs.

Many Liberal MPs, like former premier Mike Baird, have already made their money working in the private sector before they come into parliament. End of quote.

In other words, Labor really is a party of useless troughers who couldn?t cut it in the real world. Quote:

A backbenchers? salary is $165,000 a year plus allowances. The problem is, if an MP loses their seat, there is no redundancy payment or anything of that nature. The argument is the rules changed the entitlements regime from one extreme to the other. End of quote.


Yes, politicians had to live by the same rules as everyone else. Bugger that, they were in it for the money. I mean, gosh, only $165 grand plus allowances? All the Business Class travel in the world couldn?t tempt a self-respecting trougher to even get out of bed for that kind of peanuts.