We should all walk away from social media

Duncan Garner

The overreaction to the Christchurch massacre continues. We’ve had newsreaders wearing the hijab, Kate Hawkesby suggesting that the shooter does not deserve a ‘fair’ trial, and now Duncan Garner wants us all to give up our social media accounts, because the gunman broadcast his murderous rampage on Facebook and Facebook was very slow to stop it.

It might be worth pointing out at this juncture that Newshub broadcast the video as well. In fact, Newshub was one of the last media outlets to take it down. Just thought I would mention that. quote.

Social media is a twisted, evil little pest that controls our lives, dominates our world and I am struggling to see the good bit.

It’s not helping us be better human beings.

I saw a guy the other day crossing the road attached to his phone, and cars stopped for him. Had they not, he’d be dead.end quote.

Here we go. It is like saying guns kill people, forgetting about the murderous individual who pulls the trigger. Social media is neither twisted nor evil. Everything with social media depends on how you use it. I like and enjoy social media, but it certainly does not dominate my world. quote.

Its creep into our life is extraordinary – it’s a terminal illness eating us from the outside in.
Yes, we may be better informed, but it’s information overload.

end quote.

Duncan is sounding like a paranoid junkie. If you are suffering from overload, switch off the computer. It sounds as if Duncan Garner needs a support group or counselling. quote.

We’re being force-fed a toxin or poison and it’s an addiction up there with other nasties, like cigarettes, drugs, sugar, and booze. end quote.

Whatever you say, Duncan. Some of us can cope with it in moderation. Obviously, Duncan is not one of them. quote.

Facebook allowed a 17-minute video of the massacre to go out around the world. So much for social media keeping a check on itself.

Facebook’s response looked cold, twisted and out of touch.

These massive companies operating under the guise of social media operate above the law, in the cloud, pay as little tax as possible, and somehow corporate and social responsibility is for someone else. end quote.

Social media just makes these things easier. Yes, the circulation of the video of the Christchurch shootings was dreadful but often, the ability to post something online immediately is a good thing. Not in this instance, obviously. quote.

I came off all forms of social media two years ago because it dominated my life. It can control you, your mood, your life.

Try stepping away from it – you may find you talk to real people in real time. end quote.

Ah, so now we get to the heart of the matter. Duncan Garner is a reformed social media junkie. Well, you know what they say. There is no one so sanctimonious as an ex-smoker/drinker/druggie/Twitter user… quote.

We also have the power to create change by walking away, by demanding better.

I used to be one of the greatest advocates for social media – Twitter and Facebook. I am now their greatest enemy.

Newshub end quote.

Another journalist demands more restrictions on our lives. I’m not sure if restrictions on social media will happen, but if they do, it will impact the free sharing of information for all of us; which will be a shame. Most of the time, remember, social media provides us with something we want. Restrictions on that may very well be detrimental.

Duncan Garner thinks that, because he allowed social media to run his life, we all do that, but he is wrong. Not everyone who drinks wine is an alcoholic. Some people can manage these things in moderation. Because Duncan Garner cannot do that, he wants social media to be banned for the rest of us.

We really do seem to be living in Germany in the 1930s, don’t we?