Whaleoil Interns: This time we are serious

Whaleoil Interns wanted

Do you remember our post mocking Labour’s Interns?

It was meant to be a bit of fun but some of you remarked that you wished that a Whaleoil internship was a real thing.

It is the chance of a lifetime folks and this time we are serious. We will offer you the opportunity to get your work in front of the largest blog audience in New Zealand if you are interested in learning how to grab our readers’ attention. You don’t have to be a journalist ” trained and skilled” and you don’t have to be able to write long articles.

Writing for a blog audience is about stimulating debate and entertaining people. We have learned over time what works and what doesn’t. As an intern, you will be coached and supported in your writing. A stand-up comedian learns what works and what doesn’t work in front of a live audience. Our interns will be the same.

Sometimes you will spend ages on something and will put a lot of thought into it and no one will be interested. Another time you may quickly throw something together with an idea that just popped into your head when you saw something and the comments will go nuts!

We don’t pay you Whaleoil interns do it for the fun and the glory.

We have a wide range of Whaleoil uniforms for our interns to choose from.

Politicians will come and go but Whaleoil is always in fashion.

If you are interested and think you might have what it takes here is your first challenge.

Read it quickly because it will self-destruct in

  1. Find a recent piece of news in the Mainstream media that made you react in some way.
  2. Write down two to three sentences that sum up your reaction
  3. Send an e-mail containing a link to the news story plus your sentences to [email protected]

I look forward to reading your ideas.