What do Google, Greenpeace & Stalin have in common?

Stalin rewriting history?

Simple! They all indulge in historical revisionism. The act, well described by Orwell in 1984 is rewriting history to suit the currently approved narrative. Lushington has already covered one part of the Greenpeace revisionist history but now it appears that Google is aiding and abetting their attempts. There is nothing particularly surprising about this given their censorship efforts.

Now Patrick Moore has exposed Google for its part in this revisionism.

A few days ago

Erasing images is straight out of Stalin’s playbook:

The original photo (top left) was taken at the Fifteenth Leningrad Regional Party Conference in 1924 or 1925. It shows Nikolai Antipov (left), Joseph Stalin, Sergei Kirov (right), and Nikolai Shvernik (far right). Antiopov, who rose to become Deputy Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars, was the first to fall out of Stalin?s favor.

Shvernik vanished next. Readers can see he was airbrushed out of the photo, but Shvernik was lucky. He is the only person in the original photo to survive Stalin, whose enemies often had a penchant for dying unexpectedly.

Which brings us to Kirov, a skilled politician and early Bolshevik leader who rose to become the First Secretary of the Communist Party?s powerful Central Committee. Kirov was shot in the neck in 1934 at the office at which he worked (the Smolny Institute). Though Stalin used Kirov?s death to clamp down on party dissidents, historians believe Kirov was killed on Stalin?s orders.

The images, which are now in the Public Domain, are instructive. They reveal at once the terror of the Soviet movement, the casual willingness of its leaders to employ deceit, and the importance the Bolsheviks placed on shaping narratives (regardless of truth).

The lesson? Beware those who employ deceit to shape a false version of history.

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