What Scott Morrison should have said to Jacinda


?Thank you Prime Minister Ardern for those blunt comments just now in which you publicly indicated that deporting Kiwis from Australia is to your way of thinking ?corrosive? to the trans-Tasman relationship. I hadn?t realised this joint press conference was going to be used to make public criticisms of each country?s government?s policies. So let me reply in kind, bluntly and in public, and then perhaps I can air a few matters of New Zealand government policy that I think might also be ?corrosive? to our countries? relationship.

end quote

No, Scott Morrison did not say this to Jacinda but, in the interest of diplomacy and our future relationship with Australia, maybe he should have. quote.

?On the deportation issue, people on visas who break any serious law will be deported; full stop.
That is our policy. We make no apology for it. Nor should we.

end quote.

Jacinda forgets that sovereign countries can make their own rules. My suggestion to Kiwis living in Australia is don’t break the law. Simple really. quote.

?And as you have thought it proper to indulge in the game of publicly denouncing the other country?s government policies, here are a few of New Zealand?s that I think are ?corrosive?.  You Kiwis are complete and total free-riders as far as defence is concerned.  You take advantage of Australia and the US because you know that we will come to your aid even though you spend vanishingly little on defence. end quote.

Yes, it is true. Our defence budget has become smaller and smaller, knowing full well that Australia and the US will always come to our aid. As Jacinda has insulted both countries, however, maybe we cannot rely on this any more. quote.

And when you first became Prime Minister back at the end of 2017 and called capitalism a ?blatant failure?, let me just say that I think you were an idiot. 

In Australia we recognise that capitalism has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty in the last few decades alone. Just look at China and India. Socialism, by contrast, has taken the once-wealthy Venezuela and turned it into an impoverished basket case. Frankly, on matters economic you are clueless, Ms Ardern. end quote.

Can’t argue with that. quote.

?I might also take this opportunity, given that you have decided that these diplomatic meetings are in fact an opportunity for you to show off for your home audience back in New Zealand, to make it clear that your public intervention into how we police our borders ? I refer to your government?s offer to take a few hundred of those claiming to be refugees from Australia?s offshore detention centres ? is making it harder for us to keep our borders secure.  end quote.

Why would she want Australia to have secure borders? She doesn’t care about ours. quote.

?Which brings me to how it is that you are even in the position of being New Zealand?s Prime Minister and hence able to stand up here today and sanctimoniously posture and virtue-signal.? Because let?s be honest: in any sane voting system you wouldn?t be prime minister would you? Your main opponents the National party at the last election in 2017 garnered 44.5 per cent of the vote and your Labour party won 37 per cent. Even with the Green party votes thrown in you did worse.

You?re only PM because an embittered former National party politician who set up the New Zealand First party?opted to put you and the Left in power despite it being clear most of his party?s voters were much more conservatively inclined.? But basically it required one of the world?s most virulently proportional voting systems to make you PM, one in which about half of MPs get into the New Zealand parliament simply because their own party has put them high up on some list drawn up by party insiders.

You can even lose at the constituency level and still get a seat because you are good buddies with the insider class of your own party.? Frankly, I think that?s ?corrosive? of democracy. But of course that?s something for Kiwis to decide and not for me to raise ? well, that was what I took the conventions to be before you opted to use this joint press conference to air your views on what you think is and isn?t ?corrosive?.

The Spectator UK end quote.

Scott Morrison didn’t say any of these things, of course. James Allen at The Spectator UK said them. Scott Morrison, at best, would only have thought these things. But whatever else you think about the prime minister of Australia, and his predecessor, Malcolm Turnbull, they are much more schooled in diplomacy than Jacinda will ever be.