What sentence?

The coward of Christchurch

Assuming Brenton Tarrant stays true to his manifesto and pleads not guilty to whatever charges he eventually faces, and assuming he is found guilty of the massacre of 50 people, and injuring 36 more, what sentence would be appropriate? quote.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, appeared in Christchurch District Court on Saturday morning. He faced one murder charge, but police say more are likely.

Belinda Sellars QC, who specialises in murder cases, said the offender was likely to face an “extraordinary” minimum non-parole term if found guilty of the shooting ? given the number of casualties was far in excess of previous mass-murder cases. end quote.


Assuming he is found guilty, what would be an ‘extraordinary’ sentence? And how would that compare with previous mass-murder cases?

In the 1997 Raurimu massacre, the perpetrator Stephen Anderson was found not guilty by reason of insanity. No sentence for him.

In the Aramoana shooting, David Gray was among the dead.

Alan Lory was sentenced to life imprisonment for manslaughter after the New Empire Hotel arson which claimed 6 lives.

Raymond Ratima is serving a life sentence for killing 7 family members in 1992.

I remember earlier this year, Ms Ardern rather foolishly said ‘Labour doesn’t want anyone in prison’.

Jacinda Ardern said she doesn’t want anyone in prison.

I wonder if the events of the last few days will have changed her mind? Does she think Brenton Tarrant should go to prison, or does she have other plans?

Return him to Australia perhaps?

Or maybe she intends to make another ‘captains call’, another knee jerk reaction like ‘banning guns’ or bringing back the death penalty?

That would be problematic though, because it wouldn’t really fit with her kind and compassionate propaganda.

A kind and compassionate society would see that he will serve no time at all compared to the death sentence he meted out to his victims.

What a conundrum.