What will Waleed say to Jacinda?

Caption: A perpetual irritant and his grotesque theatre.

No terrorist attack is complete for the Australian media without wheeling out their favourite Islamic poster-boy, Waleed Aly, to waffle his way through ten minutes of stultifying double-speak. Naturally, his legions of adoring fans mistake his mind-numbing pseudo-academic gibberish for profundity, and swoon with delight.

Christopher Hitchens, for one, had no truck with Aly?s evasive waffle, curtly dismissing him as ?dodging it?. But Jacinda Ardern is no Christopher Hitchens. Quote:

Waleed Aly has flown to New Zealand to meet with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the wake of the Christchurch Terrorist Attack. End of quote.


Which leads one to wonder: what exactly will Aly drone at New Zealand?s submissive prime minister?

Perhaps he?ll remind her of what he told Australians after the carnage in Boston in 2013?

Terrorism, he opined back then, is merely ?a grotesque form of theatre?; a ?perpetual irritant?, no less. He further added that terrorism ?kills relatively few people and it is not any kind of existential threat?.

I?m sure those are just the sort of words of comfort New Zealanders are yearning to hear.

But Boston was committed by Muslims, in spite of Aly?s stated opinion that it was the work of ?self-styled American patriots?. Contrary to his rush to point the finger of blame and weep on national television when an act of terrorism is committed against Muslims by non-Muslim extremists, Aly can rarely bring himself to even say the words ?Islam? or ?Muslim? whenever Islamic extremists commit atrocities. After Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of Nigerian Christian girls, Aly opined that ?they are a really, really hard group to define?. Not once did he mention Islam.

Apparently, the Boko Haram kidnapper?s exhortations of Allahu ackbar and declaration of ?a war against Christians? were just too confusing for the supposed counter-terrorism intellectual to get his head around.

Christopher Hitchens seemed to find Aly something of a perpetual irritant when the two appeared together on ABC Australia?s QandA in 2009. When Hitchens challenged Aly to acknowledge Islam?s teachings on homosexuality, Aly waffled for more than 200 words before an exasperated Hitchens cut him off with a curt, ?dodging it?. ?Why don’t you say what you actually think? How about that?? Hitchens demanded.

So, which Waleed Aly will Jacinda Ardern meet? ?Terrorism isn?t a threat? Waleed, or ?I’m scared, and I’m overcome with utter hopelessness? Waleed? Aly?s attitude to terrorism seems to be dictated by who is doing the terrorising, and who are its victims which is disgraceful. Our attitude to terrorism should be consistent and unyielding. Anyone who alternately hand-waves away terrorism as a mere ?irritant? but then chokes up, simply on account of who the victims are, is a disgusting partisan.

Even Shane Warne, not noted for his intellectual contributions to society, has labelled Waleed Aly an ?arrogant cretin?. Aly and Ardern should get on like a house on fire.