Whitcoulls weasels ban Jordan Peterson but sell Hitler’s Mein Kampf

At the Whitcoulls company picnic they used cartons of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for life to get the bonfire started (* Satire )

Guilt by association is all the rage right now and bookseller Whitcoulls wanted a slice of the virtue signalling action. They are quite happy to sell Mein Kampf (a book banned in Germany), written by a mass murdering dictator, but Jordan Peterson once allowed one of his thousands of fans to take a photo with him while the fan was wearing an offensive T-shirt. SHOCK HORROR!

Not okay
Beyond the pale!
Totally okay comrade.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos does not contain the word “Islam” and only contains the word “Muslim” once, but not in a negative context.