Who holds politicians to account?

Every day, we become more like Nazi Germany, or China under Chairman Mao. We have metaphorical book burnings. We have guilt by association. We have people losing their livelihoods because of reasoned comments that they made in the past. They might even feel differently as a result of the Christchurch shootings, but that is no defence. They once made statements that could be interpreted as racist, and that is that.

Why is it, though, that in the witchhunts that are currently going on, politicians are not being held to account for the things they have done or said in the past? Or even done or said very recently?

Do you remember Labour’s ‘Chinese sounding names’ policy a few years back, complaining about Asians buying houses in Auckland? No, that was okay. It was only aimed at Chinese people, so it is not racist. [*sarcasm]

What about Marama Davidson’s somewhat confused rants over colonisation?

No, that’s okay. That was an attack on white people. That’s not racist. [* sarcasm]

What about Winston Peters?

In 2017, he called for Muslim communities to ‘clean their house’ and turn in terrorists after the attacks in London. He has made similar references before, and everyone knows that he has used Kiwis’ fear of immigration to garner votes in election campaign after election campaign. It has worked well for him, too. So where are you Matt Nippert? Where are you Golriz? Here is a source of the so-called “hate speech” you are campaigning against sitting right next to you in the House… but you don’t want to know.

Why is that?

The answer is simple, of course. If the Greens turn on Winston, he can dissolve the government in a heartbeat. He can do a deal with National, and the Coalition of Losers will be gone. Then he can pour forth his bile on them from the other side of the house, while still in government… alongside a different party.

So Golriz and Marama, instead of attacking all so-called “hate speech” (including their own), go after the little guys who cannot protect themselves… people who were understandably concerned about their way of life being changed by unbridled immigration from countries whose religion and ideology are completely incompatible with ours.

Which all goes to show what hypocrites politicians are. All of them. Absolutely all of them.

Winston might be contrite for now, and maybe he really has changed his views, but maybe our commenter who was targeted unjustly by the MSM has too.

I wonder what platform Winston will campaign from in 2020? It won’t be immigration, you can be sure of that.

It won’t be his wonderful record as a foreign Affairs Minister either. quote.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has replayed graphic footage of New Zealand’s worst mass shooting at an election rally, just hours after Foreign Minister Winston Peters met him and said he believed the controversial showings had stopped.

Peters arrived in Istanbul on Friday to talk to Erdogan about the footage and comments he has made on the shooting of 50 people at mosques in Christchurch a week ago, which have drawn condemnation from New Zealand and Australia.

But Peters emerged from a brief meeting with Erdogan and struck a conciliatory tone, saying that he had not raised at the meeting some of the most controversial comments the Turkish leader has made at rallies.

He also said that he had not asked Erdogan to stop showing the videos.
“I did not ask that question because I felt that I did not have to ask it, because they are not doing that anymore”

end quote.

Well, that’s okay then. It might have been good to mention that you find it offensive and abhorrent in your new found state of cultural tolerance, Winston, but if they’ve stopped showing it, then that’s great. quote.

Two hours later, however, Erdogan paused his speech at an election rally in the central province of Konya so that the audience could watch the video footage of the shootings that the alleged gunman had broadcast on Facebook on March 15.

Newshub. end quote.

As a fellow politician, Winston should know that any opportunity to promote yourself in an election campaign will be used shamelessly. Winston himself is notorious for it. Erdogan does not care about New Zealand, and Winston clearly did not have the guts to confront him.

In the meantime, we can do nothing about the hypocrisy of politicians, nor their ability to use a tragedy to further their Marxist agendas. I don’t hate Muslims, and I am no white supremacist, but watch our world get darker and darker because one madman ran amok in a mosque. We don’t deserve this, but it is coming all the same.