Who will pray for Nigeria?

Caption: Christian women in Nigeria. Photo: Reuters.

Dozens of people were recently murdered in horrific fashion in their homes and places of worship. They were targeted by violent extremists because of their religion. They are just the latest in a shocking campaign of religious violence which has claimed thousands of lives in just the last year alone.

Naturally, the attacks caused shockwaves around the world. There were candlelit vigils, world leaders were outspoken in condemnation, social media users changed their user pictures. Media angrily demanded that the responsible ideology be stamped out.

Actually, none of those reactions happened. The recent attack, like the carnage that has claimed thousands of lives in Nigeria, passed with barely a ripple across the mainstream consciousness. After all, the victims were Christians; the perpetrators Muslim. Quote:

At least 120 people have been killed in a series of alleged attacks by the Fulani militia on Christian communities in the Adara chiefdom of southern Kaduna in Nigeria since February, according to the nonprofit group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).

The organization reported 52 people were killed and 100 homes were destroyed last Monday?The victims included women and children.

Survivors of the attack told CSW that their assailants divided into three groups. One group shot and killed people, another set fire to homes as people ran away, and the third waited in the bush to intercept fleeing villagers.

Later that same day, dozens of people were injured and 43 houses were destroyed in another attack by militant Fulani herdsmen on another village.

The Fulani herdsmen?are Muslim and have fought with Christian farmers over grazing land for centuries. End of quote.

It might be argued in response that this is news from far away, while the Christchurch massacre is local, and therefore much more likely to grab headlines. There is some truth in this, except for the fact that Burma is also very far away, yet the Western media have been obsessed by inter-religious violence there. Western activists, even the UN itself, have trumpeted the cause of the Muslim Rohinga in Burma.

This is all part of a pattern of consistent hypocrisy from the Western media-elite, when it comes to dealing with violence from, and violence directed at, Muslims.

The Australian media?s pet Muslim, Waleed Aly, has consistently hand-waved away Islamic violence. It is, he declared, a mere ?irritant?, which hardly kills anyone, anyway. In fact, Aly managed to waffle through a whole segment on Nigeria?s Boko Haram and their ideology without once mentioning ?Islam? or ?Muslim?. On the other hand, when Muslims were attacked in Christchurch, Aly wept on national television.

London?s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, infamously dismissed Islamic terrorism as just ?part and parcel of living in a big city?. After Christchurch, he immediately announced that armed police would be guarding London?s mosques. Jeremy Corbyn referred to the murder of dozens of teenage girls in Manchester as a mere ?incident?; but he rushed to tweet about the ?horrific terror attack in New Zealand?. Quote:

Nigeria ranks as the 12th worst country in the world for Christian persecution, according to the Open Doors USA’s 2019 World Watch List. End of quote.


Meanwhile, almost nothing is said about the persecutions of Christians ? at the hands of Muslims ? in Nigeria and around the world. Dozens of Christians were murdered in their church in the Philippines just weeks ago. No hashtags, no media outrage, no vigils.

Terrorism is no less heinous just because of who its victims are. We rightly pray for the victims of Christchurch. Who is praying for the Christians of Nigeria and the Philippines?