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fulcrum (noun) – 1. The point or support on which a lever pivots.
2. (Zoology) An anatomical structure that acts as a hinge or a point of support.
3. An agent through which vital powers are exercised.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Fulcrum, a word that means “bedpost” in Latin, derives from the verb fulcire, which means “to prop.” When the word fulcrum was used in the 17th century, it referred to the point on which a lever or similar device (such as the oar of a boat) is supported. It did not take long for the word to develop a figurative sense referring to something used as a spur or justification to support a certain action. In zoology, fulcrum can also refer to a part of an animal that serves as a hinge or support, such as the joint supporting a bird’s wing.