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liaison (noun) – 1.(a) An instance or a means of communication between different groups or units of an organisation, especially in the armed forces.
(b) One that maintains communication.
2. A sexual relationship, especially when at least one person is married or involved in a sexual relationship with someone else.
3. (Linguistics) Pronunciation of the usually silent final consonant of a word when followed by a word beginning with a vowel, especially in French.

(verb) – To serve as a liaison.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : If you took French in school, you might remember that liaison is the term for the phenomenon that causes a silent consonant at the end of one word to sound like it begins the next word when that word begins with a vowel, so that a phrase like beaux arts sounds like \boh zahr\. We can thank French for the origin of the term, as well. Liaison derives from the Middle French lier, meaning “to bind or tie,” and is related to our word liable. Our various English senses of liaison apply it to all kinds of bonds?from people who work to connect different groups to the kind of relationship sometimes entered into by two people who are attracted to one another.