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nomothetic (adj) – 1. Of or relating to lawmaking; legislative.
2. Of or relating to the study or discovery of general laws, as of nature or of human behavior.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Nomothetic is often contrasted with idiographic, a word meaning “relating to or dealing with something concrete, individual, or unique.” Where idiographic points to the specific and unique, nomothetic points to the general and consistent. The immediate Greek parent of nomothetic is a word meaning “of legislation”; the word has its roots in nomos, meaning “law,” and -thet?s, meaning “one who establishes.” Nomos has played a part in the histories of words as varied as metronome, autonomous, and Deuteronomy. The English contributions of -thet?s are meager, but -thet?s itself comes from tithenai, meaning “to put,” and tithenai is the ancestor of many common words ending in -thesis?hypothesis, parenthesis, prosthesis, synthesis, and thesis itself?as well as theme, epithet, and apothecary.