1News fails to moderate ‘hate speech’

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While vigilante groups are monitoring Whaleoil posts for anything that they could possibly use to deplatform us, mainstream media like 1News are allowing speech that they would call “hate speech” if it was on our platform to be published on their facebook pages.

On 1News facebook page last night was an article about the burning of Notre Dame in Paris. It is headed “Notre Dame’s age, soaring open spaces?” In the comments, there were repeated posts from a man living in Baghdad (!) whose hate speech included such gems as “I’m happy and all muslims are happy for that”, and “our true enemy is Christ” and “we must be happy when our enemies are harmed”.
Wrote to 1News to ask them if they were happy with that vileness. No reply of course and the hate speech is still there.
If 1News is happy to leave that there, then we have an acid test of what is acceptable and what is not.

Terence Hodgson
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