Audrey Young gargles Jacinda’s Kool-aid

Cartoon credit: BoomSlang

I have just read Audrey Young?s article in the Weekend Herald comparing the current fortunes of Jacinda Ardern and Simon Bridges.

In respect to Bridges, her comments are largely accurate and in my view, he is fast becoming a problem National needs to deal with, possibly sooner rather than later. As Audrey points out, he is getting a reputation as a leader who compounds problems when he steps in, rather than clearing them up. I would add that his performance in the house at question time is less than impressive on most days. His delivery lacks both authority and cut-through.

Turning to Audrey?s view of Ardern, it appears she has not only drunk the Kool-aid but has done so to excess. I am more than a little tired of the media in this county and elsewhere writing as if Jacinda is the only person on this earth capable of showing leadership in the aftermath of the Christchurch attacks. Anyone in her position would have done the same although maybe, in a more measured way, not falling for the virtue-signalling and the dressing up.

Audrey cites four recent examples of glowing comments given by offshore individuals. Two were on CNN, a hopelessly biased left wing channel. One was in an interview with the leftist New Yorker and the fourth was leftie Oprah Winfrey in a speech to the Women in the World Summit in New York. According to Audrey, Oprah lavished praise on Ardern with industrial strength treacle. Perhaps Audrey?s Kool-aid was of the same strength.

Audrey then goes on to say that Ardern has displayed outstanding leadership in the four weeks since the attacks. Weeks? Days maybe. Virtue signalling, dressing up and rushing through gun law legislation is not leadership. She follows that up with: “It would be good to get back to the time when we could criticise Ardern without feeling sacrilegious”.

Who are we talking about here? Saint Jacinda who Audrey seems to think could walk on water to catch the fish to attempt to wrap up with the chips.

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Audrey?s next comment really does take the breath away. IT WOULD HELP IF SHE MADE MORE MISTAKES!! Where has this woman been living for the past eighteen months? Under a rock? If Cindy made many more mistakes she?d probably be in the Guinness Book of Records!

Here are a few examples of how Cindy could show true leadership:

  • Show Winston who?s boss
  • Sack Shane Jones
  • Sack Phil Twyford
  • Scrap the CGT
  • Scrap Kiwibuild
  • Scrap light rail

None of this will happen of course.

Being lauded for showing leadership in a particular instance is one thing. Showing leadership in running the country is quite another.