A river of crocodile tears won’t pay for all those guns

If self-righteousness was hard currency, New Zealand?s economy would be booming right now. Unfortunately, ordinary citizens have to pay for politicians? brain-farts with cold, hard tax-money. In the case of the COL?s gun buy-back scheme it’s a whole lot more money than they thought. Quote:

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says the Government’s gun buyback programme could cost $100 million more than had previously been expected.

When announcing the changes to New Zealand’s gun laws last month, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the cost of the buyback scheme would be between $100 million and $200 million.

But this morning, Peters told RNZ that the full cost could be much higher than that.

But this morning, Peters told RNZ that the full cost could be much higher than that?”This is an extravagant statement but it may well be true ? it could cost up to $300 million?

“We’re going to have to find either savings somewhere else or increased revenue, but whatever it is, that is not the point.” End of quote.

Well, yes, it is kind of the point. Even knee-jerk virtue-signalling by economically-challenged politicians playing dress-ups has to be paid for. If Kiwibuild is any guide to the Ardern government?s economic nous, don?t be surprised if that figure just keeps on climbing.

Either taxes will go up or spending will be cut in other areas. $300 million (and counting) is a lot of teachers, nurses and hip replacements. What are the COL going to say, when they?re knocking back extra health spending and pay increases for teachers and nurses? ?Sorry, we blew it all buying back guns.?

Even more galling, though, is Winston?s hypocritical self-righteousness. Quote:

Peters said New Zealand had been “pretty lax” and “pretty slack” about gun laws in the past.

“All of a sudden, a day of reckoning has come and we have got to act as we should have done a long time ago.” End of quote.

A Newspaper

What do you mean, ?we?? Who was it told parliament, just over two years ago: Quote:

There are those who will take the politically correct view and blame it all on a lack of gun control. They are wrong. They have been misled. They are seeking to divert blame from where it should lie because this terrorist could have used any weapon of destruction?a bomb, an improvised device, a method of mass poisoning?and blaming a lack of gun control in this way is seen, in our view, as simply a cop-out.

Those who would defend what has gone on here without knowing whom they have brought here and how they are brought here will one day be weeping crocodile tears, pretending that they sought to take action. End of quote.


Yes, Winston, they will, won?t they?

Peters doesn?t have the market in self-righteous hypocrisy cornered, of course. Compare Stuart Nash in 2016: Quote:

Stuart Nash ?doesn?t believe that banning some weapons will prevent mass killings?. End of quote.


With Stuart Nash now: Quote:

Police Minister Stuart Nash says there is “no need” for the type of gun used by the alleged shooter in Christchurch’s terrorist attack to be sold in the New Zealand market. End of quote.