Always look on the bright side of climate change

As Eric Idle of Monty Python fame said, ?always look on the bright side of life?.  There is so much gloom and doom pedalled by the MSM because it sells better.  When it comes to climate change scientists actually increase their institution?s cash flow if they proclaim something catastrophic and threatening.

So this is dedicated to Eric … ?always look on the bright side of climate change, especially CO2 increases?.

1.              Cold kills 20 times the number of people worldwide that heat does. According to the 2015 peer-reviewed study in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, cold kills 4 million a year. Phew, that?s 11,000 a day.

2.              It is not so bad as they said it was going to be.  There are hundreds of references available for this, but let?s stick with the IPCC.  Their 1990 First Assessment claimed temperatures would rise 0.3 degrees C per decade.  Actual temperatures rose 0.13 C.  That is a very significant difference ? over 2.6 degrees C – by 2100.  Their projections are now such an embarrassment few bother with them anymore.

3.              CO2 increase is fuelling a massive and hugely beneficial greening of the globe.  Here is NASA?s take on it.  An international team of 32 authors from 24 institutions in eight countries compiled the info on the map.  It is equivalent to adding two areas the size of the USA?s vegetation.

4.              The same increase in CO2 is then, obviously, boosting food production.  What irony!  The same doomsday merchants predicting the world cannot feed itself are the ones screaming that CO2 is ?killing us all?.

Note that the world?s output is taking off as the CO2 levels take off.  It’s schoolboy science.  Also, note that we have stupidly taken huge areas of food production and started growing biofuels.  Remember when Air New Zealand?s planes were going to run on plant-sourced fuel?  

The UN?s Food and Agriculture Organisation reported that in the 2017/18 year the big three crops by size ? corn, wheat and rice ? all achieved the highest ever per-hectare yields.  The second, third and fourth highest were in the immediate preceding years.

Brazil?s food production has risen 92% since 2000.  That means improved wealth and welfare for their people.  Pumping CO2 into the atmosphere is helping feed the world.

In case you thought the oceans are running out of fish, man?s ingenuity in the form of fish farming is leading the way in proving much needed protein.

5.              Hurricanes, tropical storms and other wild stuff.  All the extremists including Al Gore have been promising a huge rise in storms, cyclones, hurricanes etc.  This graph is from a peer-reviewed paper by Roger Pielke Jr.  Does that look threatening?

In case you thought the number of storms is irrelevant and storm strength is what is increasing, this is for you…

What about tornadoes?  Sure Gore must have got something right??

Nope.  No trends showing up there despite all sorts of machinations by the alarmists to show an increase.

Strong or violent tornadoes are actually decreasing.

6.              Wildfires.  Every year we get vivid images thrown on our screens of deadly wildfires in places like California.  Lives lost, homes destroyed and the alarmists move into overdrive claiming it’s all the fault of climate change.  As you guessed already, the truth is different.  It?s getting better out there folks.

7.              Its the same story with droughts.  There?s nothing like a pic of a few dead and dying animals stretched out around a dried up pond to get the climate change brigade fired up making another round of unverified claims.

According to the International Journal of Climatology in May 2016 in a study of droughts across the USA  the number of droughts and their intensity has apparently decreased especially in the years 1901 to 2014.  There is absolutely no evidence of the situation getting worse.  Another peer reviewed study in 2018 opined that there was no sign of a trend either way.

Nobody, not even the most extreme exaggerator will suggest that recent droughts compare to the dust bowl conditions of the 1930?s and 1950?s.?

Here is a record of each August for over 100 years.  CO2 increases are not affecting the weather. Nothing to see there.  Move along.

8.              All the countless and bizarre claims of ruin, disaster, death, gloom and chaos are not happening.  Low lying islands are not flooded.  Butterflies have not become extinct.  Polar bear numbers are increasing.  Crop circles on the ice are not forming.   A typical red wine still tastes good.  The sex life of the dung beetle is just fine.

9.              Stewart Island will become the new Coromandel.

But Brian, you know what they say?
Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse

When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best


Always look on the bright side of life