An honorary Oiler

Thierry Baudet, leader of the FvD

By Owen Jennings

Who said this?

We stand here, amid the debris of one of the greatest and most beautiful civilizations the world has ever known. But like the other countries that belong to this boreal world, we are being destroyed by those who ought to protect us. We are being undermined by our universities. By our journalists. ? But above all we are being undermined by our administrators.?

We have uncontrolled migration that distorts our streetscapes, all this leftist indoctrination in our schools, all this ugly architecture, the transfer of power to the European Union, the climate heresy?if none of this had happened, I would have never entered politics. But we have been called to the front lines.

Thierry Baudet

You are forgiven if you don?t know the speaker. He is Thierry Baudet, the leader of FvD, the Forum for Democracy party in the Netherlands.

He is…

  • Eurosceptic and conservative.
  • Opposes multiculturalism and political correctness
  • Opposes unfettered immigration ? only skilled migrants are needed
  • A Climate denialist
  • Holds a PhD in law and a BA in history
  • A Friend of Douglas Murray
  • Handsome, even swashbuckling, good looking

He believes that ?

  • the European Union is an exercise in cultural Marxism
  • European Parliament is making a calculated effort to destroy western culture by academic and intellectual means
  • Christian values underpin Western civilisation although he says he is an ?agnostic cultural Christian? only
  • There has been no increase in extreme weather as predicted and that Gore?s contributions ?make no sense?.

He and his party have just caused a major upset in Netherland?s provincial elections winning the most seats in the upper house. The party was formed in 2016 and has made stunning progress taking some high ground from Geert Wilders. It is an almost unbelievable rise to power.

However it is also symptomatic of what is happening across Europe. Emboldened by President Trump?s victory and fuelled by the ravages of unfettered immigration and political correctness, right wing parties are making strong gains in every European nation.

The recent election in Hungary, in which the winners were two right-wing parties (Fidesz and Jobbik ? one more populist than the other), is merely the latest example. The right is also strong in Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, and it is currently threatening to become the norm in the most important democracies in the European Union: Italy, France, and Germany.

Thierry Baudet would be an ideal candidate for an honorary membership of Whaleoil. He certainly ticks all the boxes. If only New Zealand could breed our own version!