An understandable frustration with National’s direction

Having read George?s very good analysis in his Open letter to the National party and also the comments in response to it, I feel that many of the views expressed are borne out of an understandable frustration with the party?s general direction. Many of us would like National to go further to the right in order to truly differentiate itself from Labour.

We get annoyed by the MPs supporting the government on issues that we don?t agree with. A recent example is the support for rushing gun legislation through parliament. This was neither necessary nor desirable and National should have opposed it.

George is absolutely correct in his view that National should be destroying the most incompetent government in our lifetime. As George rightly points out, National is failing to make the necessary hits.

As a fairly regular watcher of Question Time, the Opposition MPs who are performing in this regard are Paul Goldsmith, Judith Collins and Michael Woodhouse. The performance of the front bench is largely the responsibility of the leadership of the Party?s political wing. This brings us to Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett. Both must go.

We then get to agonising about who should be the leader and we invariably end up discussing the positives and negatives of Judith Collins. Both sides of the argument carry weight. However, as Spanishbride has said, there is a significant portion of the membership who DO want Judith Collins as the leader. As George said she?s totally destroyed Twyford and if the aim is to give similar treatment to Ardern then only Collins can do it.

I liken a Collins Leadership to a Trump one. You either love or hate. If you believed the media the man should be on about 5 per cent popularity. As George states, he?s actually on 53.

Let?s suppose we put all of the above to one side for a moment. The question that needs asking is – why do we decide to vote for a particular party? Is it leadership, policies, or perhaps a Colgate smile? I put policies above all else, particularly the stewardship of the economy. If you do that then you vote for a right of centre party, the main one being National. They?re not perfect by a long shot but they?re the best on offer. The other choices are Act or the New Conservatives.

We can certainly make our dissatisfaction of the party known but in the final analysis, a vote for National or a right-wing support party is the only option.