An update on Cam

Cam wants all those who have been sending him messages of support to know that he really appreciates their care and concern. He would love to be able to respond to them individually, but he is still having to be pragmatic with his time as he works on his recovery.

Five days a week Cam is driven by his son to physio, where he has had two absolutely wonderful physios who care for him. He can’t speak highly enough of their support, direction and encouragement, which has seen him regain some control over his right hand and arm, though he is still a long way away from normal.

While the physio is helping Cam make progress, a single hour session leaves him so drained he needs to sleep immediately afterwards for three hours or so. This is not unexpected for a stroke patient, as sleep is a big part of the recovery process.

Cam?s only had two real trips away from home aside from the physio sessions; both to see if he is going to be able to shoot game birds this season. Unfortunately while he can swing a shotgun from a standing position, he is unable to walk far and the trips left him so knackered he slept for the best part of the next three days after each trip. Disappointingly, he won’t be out for opening day this season, but does hope to shoot later in the season if his recovery allows him to.

Aside from missing shooting, Cam?s struggling to remember names and he is unable to hold a phone conversation for more than 10 minutes. Typing is pretty hard with only a left hand, so please don’t be offended if he doesn’t reply to your messages as he appreciates the messages but simply doesn’t have the capacity to respond.

Cam has no fixed date for returning to any form of work, and is not intending to rush back to politics. When his recovery allows, he is going to test his ability to work by doing a limited amount of volunteer work helping other stroke patients with their recovery, rather than blogging. It will still be a while before Cam is able to help other stroke patients as his own recovery is very draining.

Finally, Cam wants to repeat his thanks to all those who have supported him, and especially mention the two wonderful physios who have helped him so much.