Another day of multicultural savagery in Melbourne

Caption: Melbourne, can you feel the diversity yet?

Melbourne?s vibrant multicultural diversity has claimed another innocent victim. Quote:

A father had his skull pounded in with a can of cat food while his own children watched on in horror.

Jal Myaker, 20, of Melton, was free on bail when he set upon Greg Szopa in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond after he spotted him filming his mate?s car, which was speeding along Garfield Street. End of quote.

African, out on bail, vicious attack?it?s the Melbourne Trifecta. Quote:

The concerned dad had planned to use the footage to complain to his local council about hoons from nearby commission flats speeding up and down the quiet suburban street.

Myaker had been a passenger in the car, which was being driven by a 17-year old lout armed with a knife.

The cries of Mr Szopa’s frantic children can be heard on the terrifying video captured on his phone as the men ruthlessly beat him half to death.

Daily Mail Australia is unable to publish the disturbing footage after being denied access to it by the County Court of Victoria??Leave my daddy alone,? one child is heard screaming.

?Are you going to die daddy?? another whimpers. ?Please don?t die daddy.?

?Witnesses said Myaker attacked with ferocious speed, pounding his victim?s head in with the tin can while his mate slashed at him with a blade?So savage was the attack that at one point the tin can burst open, spilling its contents onto the foot path in a vile slurry of blood and cat food. End of quote.

Surprise, surprise the savage thug was out on bail. Quote:

Myaker had been free to offend after being bailed over drug and weapons offences two months earlier?

CCTV captured of the youths arriving back at their flat later that day showed them beaming with delight. End of quote.

And of course there?s the sob-story excuses. Quote:

The court heard Myaker had come to Australia from Sudan and had amazingly survived being hit by lightening twice within milliseconds in 2015?His barrister said Myaker had not had it easy in prison and he suffered a fractured eye socket during a savage attack in Port Phillip Prison. End of quote.

Allow me to find my tiniest violin. Quote:

Witnesses to the attack have also been left traumatised by it, with one woman declaring she now felt afraid of Africans. End of quote.


Our multicultural overlords will no doubt berate her for her disgusting racism, while they comfort the real victim ? yet another African thug they welcomed to what was once one of the safest cities in the world.