Another dodgy student vote to cement ‘progressive’ orthodoxy

Multiple opinion polls show that younger people in the West are giving up on democracy. Mostly this seems to be little more than a temper-tantrum reaction to not getting their way on everything from US presidential elections to Brexit. Having lost fair and square, the spoiled children are flipping the board and demanding to win anyway. Failing that, they try and fudge the rules to make a sham ?democracy? their handservant.

As we?ve already reported at Whaleoil, the student association at George Washington University snuck through a proposal, voted for by barely one-tenth of the student body, to force the campus athletic teams, the Colonials, to change their name and mascot. Not to be outdone, Georgetown University Student Association has used an allegedly dodgy referendum to impose a tokenistic ?reparations? fee on students. Quote:

Two Georgetown University students filed a formal complaint alleging that there were multiple instances of misconduct in the referendum of support for a mandatory fee, the funds from which would be used to benefit descendants of slaves sold in 1838 by the school. End of quote.

Leaving aside the tokenism of this nonsense, it is alleged that the student association rigged the process to get the outcome they wanted. Quote:

Rowan Saydlowski and Chris Castaldi-Moller filed the complaint, obtained by Campus Reform, which seeks to address multiple alleged irregularities in the process.

The Constitutional Council, a branch of the Georgetown University Student Association, decided to hear the case and has issued a temporary injunction preventing the GUSA Senate from confirming the results of the election, according to Saydlowski. End of quote.

Not only did the GUSA allow their own side to break the election rules, the complaint alleges, they changed the rules just four scant days before the election and published a dodgy voter guide. That they got away with it would hardly be surprising given what appears to a clear case of apprehended bias. Quote:

The GUSA Senate?s Ethics & Oversight Committee Chairman who was tasked with handling some election misconduct complaints was a co-sponsor of the legislation introducing the referendum to the student body. The complaint alleges this is a ?major conflict of interest.? End of quote.

The left have made lawfare one of their most potent weapons in the Long March through the institutions, so it?s somewhat satisfying to see their own sword turned against them. Quote:

Saydlowski told Campus Reform that he filed the complaint because the student government was not following its own rules.

?We submitted [the complaint] on the basic principle that pretty much the most important thing that the government has to do is follow its own rules, right?? Saydlowski said. ?The simple truth is that in the case of this referendum, from the Election Commission, to the ethics committee, and to the body itself in terms of the constitutionality of the referendum, you know, every corner, they simply did not follow their own laws in the Constitution, in the bylaws.? End of quote.


Rules, shmules. Rules and democracy have never bothered the left before ? why should they start now?