Aussie Election Roundup: All the lies & dodges so far

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The Australian 2019 election will probably hit a bit of a hiatus for the Easter break, which is closely followed by the Anzac Day public holiday. In fact, with the two in such proximity and bookended by weekends, many workers will be adding a couple of days annual leave and making a ten-day break of it. Especially with the sudden outbreak of glorious late autumn weather. How this will figure into election strategies is anyone?s guess, but the campaign has just started to get interesting.

But before everyone rocks off for a well-earned, here?s a round-up of the latest campaign developments.

Bill Shorten is attempting to recover the high ground after he flat-out refused to answer journalists? questions regarding the cost of Labor?s climate policies. But the pain for Shorten over climate policy is far from over. Quote:

Australian businesses could be forced to spend more than $25 billion on international carbon credits to meet Labor?s 45 per cent emissions reduction targets by 2030, jeopardising one of Bill Shorten?s fundamental election pillars, which he declared would have no cost to the economy. End of quote.


In one of the weirdest turns of the campaign so far, a bloke in a silly suit has received death threats. Quote:

Political mascot Captain GetUp! has received death threats in the first week on the campaign trail?The threats come amid a backlash against the caped crusader and Advance Australia, after the group posted a video showing the mascot gyrating against a billboard of independent candidate for Warringah Zali Steggal. End of quote.


If there?s one thing po-faced extremists like GetUp can?t stand, it?s being made fun of.

Speaking of GetUp, George Soros might have to throw some more cash at the well-heeled activist group if they keep making potentially defamatory claims. Quote:

Victorian Liberal MP Kevin ?Andrews has warned GetUp its claim that he ?advocated for discredited, damaging and cruel gay conversion therapy? is defamatory, arguing that he has never spoken about the issue.

The left-wing group yesterday came under pressure for spreading inaccurate information and was forced to back away from its claims that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was part of the coup against Malcolm Turnbull. End of quote.


Meanwhile, my home state is in the interesting position of being a potential battleground. Quote:

The contest for Labor-held Tasmanian marginals is even tighter than appears on paper, according to a leading polling analyst, placing the Coalition closer than thought to several potentially vital gains?Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy Prime Minister ?Michael McCormack, as well as deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek, campaigned in the state yesterday, while Labor leader Bill Shorten is expected soon. End of quote.


Shifty?s coming to town? Time to stock up on eggs: that?s how it?s done now, isn?t it?

I don?t know about the Mainland, but it?s hard to go anywhere in Tassie right now without being confronted by the gurning visage of barge-arsed blow-hard Clive Palmer. But it seems fatty isn?t so sure his big-spending will personally pay off. Quote:

Clive Palmer will contest a Queensland Senate seat at the May 18 federal election, stepping aside for a high-profile candidate to run for the Townsville-based seat of Herbert, believed to be former State of Origin star Greg Dowling?Mr Palmer is a divisive figure in Townsville after the collapse of his nickel refinery and the sacking of 800 workers in 2016. End of quote.


Running for the Senate is the cheap option. Even with its revised rules, it?s much easier for micro-parties to finagle a quota for a Senate seat than slog it out for a lower-house berth. The really interesting thing to watch, if Palmer gets any candidates elected, is how many will stick with him rather than immediately buggering off and becoming an independent, as both Jacqui Lambie and Glenn Lazarus did.

Speaking of independents?Julia Banks inflicted heavy damage on the Morrison government when she joined Turnbull?s claque of harpies whinging about alleged ?bullying? of female members. As it turns out, Banks has her own questions to answer about bullying. Quote:

A young female executive assistant working for pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline was paid compensation after making a bullying complaint against former Liberal MP now independent candidate Julia Banks? [Ms Banks] said people knew she would ?always call out bad ?behaviour and will not tolerate any form of bullying and ?intimidation?. End of quote.


Oh, ho-ho-ho, ?tis to laugh, as that great sage Daffy Duck once said.