Barefoot Cindy has an axe

Photoshopped image credit: Rick H

We all know the fear of the axe. Older Kiwis remember well chopping wood ready for winter and the hard work it takes to chop the firewood that fuels the fire that keeps us warm in the long winter months.
We never needed to be told to be careful. We just knew. It was instinctive.

Some years ago, I watched a short video of a kid with an axe. It took me a few goes before I could watch it. I held back from the screen; I retreated and felt so horrified at what I was seeing that I could not bear to watch any more.

Eventually, I bit the bullet and watched through the entire 2 minutes. And it took a hell of a lot of courage to do so.

It made me cringe, draw breath and gasp. It was awful yet, nothing in it was awful until the very end. It was my anticipation of what was coming that frightened me. I feared what would happen next.

Our problem is that Cindy is the kid with the axe. An axe that Papa Winston gave to her.

At the last election, the majority of New Zealanders voted for a Conservative government. However, due to the questionable MMP voting system, Winston Peters was given the awesome responsibility and power to decide who would determine the future of New Zealand until 2020. He chose to give it to Jacinda Ardern.

Winston Peters has always held himself up as a Patriarchal figure; someone who loves New Zealand and its people. Known for being outspoken in relation to immigration, he once said: quote.

[…] it is time that New Zealanders were placed first in their own country. end quote.

Winston Peters 2004

He had a gift and that gift was the opportunity to choose a government that ensured that New Zealanders were paramount to the Nation of New Zealand. Winston reflected, contemplated, discussed, wrestled and eventually chose Jacinda: a former New Zealand President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. In a nutshell, a Communist.

Winston Peters chose to gift his beloved country to a young, inexperienced lass with Socialist leanings and, in doing so, gave her the power to change our country for good or for bad.

Photoshopped image Credit: Luke Whaleoil

We all hoped that Winston would be her father figure and guide her to wisdom but he has let her loose with an axe.
She has been throwing stones in the river of reason; jumping across our culture and our personal identity and doing it all while wielding an axe.
Her axe is more powerful than any Mere and the whole Nation watches on while Daddy Winston has a nap.

Wake up Winston and for God?s sake, our sake AND OUR GRANDCHILDREN?S SAKE, take the bloody axe off this dangerous excuse for a prime minister.