Bradbury is frightened by Labour

When a left-wing blogger starts writing that he is frightened by the intents of the Labour government and their Green enablers, one really does have to pause for thought.

Bradbury refers to the tweet above, from Duncan Webb and says: Quote.

This doesn?t look good does it?

[?] a Labour Party MP attacking media just before the Government look to clamp down on free speech?

That?s a tad chilling. Despite all the underhand abuses to free speech Key embarked upon, I don?t remember National attacking media organisations in the open like this.

No attempt to engage with Quin?s argument, no attempt to counter his argument, no attempt to debate other than to damn the media for printing it and insinuating that this is in of itself hate speech.

Which should make everyone feel terribly frightened about what exactly the Labour Government with their Green allies intend to actually do with the hate speech laws because if criticising Golriz is a short skip and a jump to being defined as hate speech, we are opening the gates of hell here.

Criticising Golriz isn?t a hate crime. That I even need to state that is concerning but in the current debate where free speech is being defined by the woke as white male privilege and the politicisation of the Christchurch atrocity has given momentum to that definition, watching Labour Party MPs attack the media for publishing critical opinion pieces of the Government while they formulate how to curtail free speech should be denounced before it?s considered a crime in of itself.

They dragged Julian Assange out of an embassy for telling the truth, the time to remain silent is over.

They can take this blog out of my cold dead hands. End quote.


Poor old Martyn. Fancy having to admit that National was not guilty of the transgressions that he sees in the current left-wing coalition. Should we send flowers?

Phil Quin wrote an opinion piece and Webb seems to want him and/or his publisher censured or censored. It was only an opinion to which everyone has a right. Whose opinion should we allow? Quin’s or Webb’s?

Shall we just let Golriz and Marama decide for us?