Bret Easton Ellis has had enough of your Trump Derangement

Please. Just. Shut. Up. About Trump.

Hollywood ‘liberals’ ? which is practically a tautology ? are not particularly given to thinking for themselves. Which is hardly surprising, perhaps, given that this is an industry which draws its highest achievers mostly from the lowest rungs of educational achievement, and where loony conspiracy theories and quackery are conventional wisdoms. Hollywood ‘liberals’ (I use the term advisedly, given that there is very little that is truly liberal about these mindless, left-wing authoritarians) are sheep.

Writer Bret Easton Ellis is a Los Angeles native and Hollywood screenwriter. Ellis has impeccable liberal credentials: white, wealthy, educated at a Vermont liberal arts college, screenwriter. But Ellis also has a fearsomely independent intelligence and refuses to buy into the trite narratives of Hollywood progressivism. He recently spoke the brutal truth that Hollywood?s ?fatuous inclusivity and diversity push? is churning out terrible movies, which everyone knows are terrible, but everyone is too afraid to say so.

Naturally, that annoys the ‘liberal’ echo-chamber no end. Quote:

In a contentious interview with Isaac Chotiner published Thursday in The New Yorker, ?American Psycho? novelist Bret Easton Ellis expressed annoyance at ?hysterical? liberals? purported inability to move on from President Donald Trump?s 2016 election victory. End of quote.

Ellis has criticised Trump Derangement Syndrome before, so there?s some irony, perhaps, when he encounters full-blown TDS from a New Yorker prat still screaming the same baloney helplessly at the sky. Ellis tried to make clear that he wasn?t that interested in talking about Trump himself, but that he was very much bothered by the bubbling froth of stupidity reacting to him. Quote:

Ellis said the criticism of the president didn?t ?seem to be truthful, and it seemed to be exaggerated and said over and over again.?

?You think I am defending Trump somehow? I am bothered by people using that one thing two years later?I don?t know if he does think racist things so regularly. I am not sure if I do,? Ellis said.

?It?s not about his policies or supposed racism. It?s about what I see as an overreaction to Trump,? he added. End of quote.

Which only spurred more right-on ‘liberal’ gibbering. Quote:

Chotiner continued to challenge Ellis on his irritation with the liberal consensus, which in his book Ellis described as ?shrilly? and condescending toward Trump supporters.

?I just think that there is a man that got elected President. He is in the White House. He has vast support from his base. He was elected fairly and legally. And I think what happened is that the left is so hurt by this that they have overreacted to the Presidency. Now, look, I live with a Democratic, socialist-bordering-on-communist millennial. I hear it every day,? Ellis said, referencing his liberal boyfriend Todd.

Ellis said he was bothered by the ?[lack of a] sense of neutrality?of standing in the other side?s shoes and looking at this from the other side? he perceived in the media and from some of his liberal friends. Declaring that he was ?not that interested in politics? or policy, Ellis stressed that his curiosity lies in how the media covered Trump, averring that ?Especially in Hollywood, there was an immense overreaction.?

?I don?t care really about Trump that much, and I don?t care about politics,? he said. ?I was forced to care based on how it was covered and how people have reacted. Sure, you can be hysterical, or you can wait and vote him out of office?Ellis replied. ?And I don?t know whether this pain and turmoil people have inflicted on themselves have gotten them anything. I just see a lot of people who have turned themselves inside out.? End of quote.


The only thing ‘liberals’ have bought themselves is two years of looking like utter, unhinged fools and the almost-certainty that they will have six more years of impotent derangement to come.