Brexit Party eclipses Labour & collapses the Conservatives

By Macca

Cometh the hour, cometh the man, and it looks like Nigel Farage is the man who hath cometh! Just when you were starting to think all hope was lost for the UK, Nigel has started a new political party called the Brexit Party which within days has surged in the polls to up to 27% – eclipsing Labour and collapsing the Conservatives to below 20%!

I only learned about this listening to the radio at work on Saturday and after watching a few videos on YouTube. It looks like a worldwide groundswell is starting to happen against the left and their ridiculous globalist agenda!

Brits can obviously see that with Nigel at the helm, Brexit will become the reality that it should have already been had democracy taken place and May done her job! Lions being led by donkeys was how he referred to it and I couldn’t agree more! With Farage at the helm and the friendship between him and President Trump, I believe Britain will be able to go a long way towards returning to the force they were just a short time ago.

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage both saw victory in their campaigns after slamming the establishment and the ‘elite’ CREDIT: NIGEL FARAGE

Exciting times are ahead although the news about the Brexit Party has not received extensive coverage from mainstream media sites. There has also been a massive swing back to the right in Alberta, Canada, and it is also happening in Spain and throughout Europe.

National needs to wake up and see what can happen when you grow a pair.